Greens Walking Train For Tunnel


Greens’ transport spokesman Gareth Hughes this afternoon led a “walking train” of supporters to campaign for the CBD Rail Link tunnel.

Greens walking train | Gareth Hughes

Rhys Darby tweeted: Saw a human train in the city. Cmon Auckland we need a better rail network!

The walk began at the corner of Pitt and K Rds where a planned station will be and then made its way to Aotea Square where significantly Gareth Hughes spoke alongside a statute of former Mayor Robbie who campaigned for rail decades ago. Aotea is another stop.

Robbie is pleased to see this | J.F. Hall


The MP says: “I have heaps of CBD rail loop petitions to now table in Parliament. Even though it won’t be funded in Budget, the campaign continues! ”

Campaigners mark the spot of a future station | J.F. Hall


The walking train, following the planned loop,  ended at Britomart.

Gareth Hughes is one of the hardest working, energetic and most sincere MPs in our Parliament and deserves our appreciation for his efforts for rail and transport in general.

Labour remains invisible on such issues.




  1. Jeremy says:

    I must say the Greens are looking like a different party than it was in the past and I personally wouldn’t have any shame in voting for them.

  2. Brent C says:

    @ Jeremy - I believe the green party has come along way since Sue Bradford left. This put an end of all this social engineering rubbish the greens had been pushing. It is good to see them focusing more on green technologies and climate change. It is real issues such as the CBD rail tunnel which will remove the stigma towards the Green Party and has the potential to pull voters.

  3. nzbcfanboi says:

    Agreed Jeremy feel no shame

  4. James says:

    They definately have my vote come November. They are the only party that ever seems to speak any sense when it comes to transport these days.

  5. patrick says:

    Good on the greens, I may vote for them too

  6. Bevan says:

    This MP Gareth Hughes does seem to be putting a lot of energy and effort into the job; hopefully he gets back in on the list again.
    Hopefully the Govt gets it’s act together and decides to help fund the rail tunnel link.

  7. Carl says:

    nice report on the matter, wasn’t there but watching this from overseas.

    great to see a lot of people out and getting involved, also looks like they got great weather for it too.

    I do hope there was some decent tv news coverage on this?

  8. Jon Reeves says:

    Excellent to see Gareth continously pushing for a better rail network. I guess Steven Joyce was too busy at a trucking lobby long lunch to attend?

  9. JB says:

    Great photo of Gareth and Robbie!

  10. LucyJH says:

    The walking train also got (an incredibly brief) mention on the TV 3 news. But still, a mention nevertheless :)

  11. Anthony says:

    If they continue with this, then they have my vote.

  12. Kurt says:

    @ Lucy JH. Why would TV3 want to publicise a protest against the government, Key and Joyce volunteered our money to bail them out.

    Good point on Labours ineptitude. It is very symptomatic of Goff’s leadership, woeful at picking up the irritating issues, actually make that any issue. They seem to find dirt on little subjects (BMW’s) that over the next 6 years may count but miss the obvious ones.

    He and they appear too reliant on advisers and too Wellington bound to notice what is going on.

  13. Patrick R says:

    Kurt I agree that the Greens are making all the running as opposition and deserve our support but as this is election year perhaps Labour are timing their run? I’m guessing we’ll hear more from them later in the year…. Well I’m hoping anyway

  14. AKT says:

    @Patrick R But it’s getting too late for Jones to come up to speed. The cunning Mallard and Clark pushed for NZ to host the RWC knowing it would dominate the election news cycle leading to the election -except they thought it would be their election cycle not National’s.
    The media will be so obsessed about the RWC especially the Auckland media for months leading to the election and parliamentary business is cunningly finishing early for the year so there will be no room for debate about non-RWC related transport issues unless the train service falls over during the cup.
    Short of updates on ChCh, Pikes mine, Hone’s theatrics KiwiSaver and the odd titillating celebrity scandal, there will be no room for anyone taking notice of Jones suddenly discovering the CBD rail link issue.

  15. DanC says:

    What a fight it is. When the people provide money to the powers that be, shouldn’t the powers that be listen & provide what the people want & need? Go the Greens for having some balls. Quite refreshing and youthful, they’ve got my vote.

  16. Ingolfson says:

    It was a nice event - probably somewhat limited because we all knew there wasn’t a snowflake’s chance in hell we’d get what we want in the short term. That puts a damper on numbers of people coming to these events (I know because I almost didn’t go myself, but then decided to after all).

    And I never saw any shame in voting Green to start with (though I agree they shot themselves in the foot with some policies in the past). But even the odd weirdo - not that I have met any recently at the Greens - is infinitely preferable to a party full of rich suits trying to pass themselves off as working for the benefit of the small man.


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