Airport Buses To Run Every 10 Minutes


Buses will run every 10 minutes to and from the airport from September.

The Airbus route will be split between Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road to allow more domestic passengers’ access to Airbus.

Gary Fitzsimons, GM of Airbus Express, says: there presently are 6,900 seats available each day - this will expand to 9,000 seats. The completion of the Manukau Harbour Crossing had helped improve trip times.

Mr Fitzsimons said Airbus Express was 100% independent and privately owned and had invested over $5 million in fleet and service improvements in the past 3 years.

Auckland Airport was providing dedicated bus stops and ticket kiosks at both the International and Domestic terminals to further speed up  loading times.

Auckland Transport Public Transport Operations Manager, Mark Lambert said that with buses running every 10 minutes people will have a more convenient, cost effective option for travel.

This week AKT published an update on the South Western Airport Transport Study which is including consideration of rail services that take in Auckland Airport  with the line:

Apologies for my cynicism but I worry we will end up with a plan for more roading improvements to the airport along with some cycle lane and more frequent airport bus services. Especially after the Government knocked the idea of North Shore rail for a six because of the success of the busway. I can hear the same knockers saying we have plenty of bus to the airport options. and we just need to increase them.




  1. Steve says:

    Buses suffer the problem all traffic faces - congestion. I’d ridden the trains to the airports in Hong Kong and Toronto and they are so much easier to use than buses. There is more room in the carriage for luggage and getting on and off is easy - straight in and straight out - no steps. Buses can be horrendously slow to board and get off of….They just do not scale.

  2. Stranded on the North Shore says:

    This is good news, and Auckland needs that change. Well done Airbus. But I agree with Jon’s sentiments in regards to maybe this overshadowing the real solution with really is rail.

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  4. BD says:

    Another good reason why an airport rail link should be built. They should have built the rail link at the same time when they built the SH20 bridge over Manukau harbour, they would have saved so much money and time, where it will cost a lot more to do it now. They already have Trains running to Onehunga, that was the main barrier the bridge.

    Unfortunately, Joycie doesn’t see it that way, he sees roads.

  5. Carl says:

    thats pretty awesome timing if they keep it, its on par with melbourne’s sky bus, which runs 24/7 every 10-15 mins in both directions.

    its not the final answer, but its better than nothing.

    is there a bus service to Manuaku yet? like for connecting trains on that line?

    id love one day to be able to get on a train in Pukekohe, to Manukau then a short bus ride to the airport.

    less traffic on the roads…..

  6. Owen Thompson says:

    Already happens Carl. It’s an orange bus that goes Manukau, Papatoetoe & then Airport. Connects to train at Papatoetoe.

  7. Luke C says:

    need to bring the cost down a bit if want to get people from Mt Eden or Mt Roskill to bus to the airport.
    At the moment costs $16 to get from Three Kings to Airport.
    Also weekly and monthly passes at normal rates would be good, no one who works at the airport would pay $23 return a day. The CBD Mangere bus only costs $4.50.
    A New Lynn - Onehunga - Airport service would also be great.

  8. Mark says:

    Don’t forget Whenuapai, and a quick Ferry ride to the CBD :)

    Bob Harvey’s plans had a lot going for them…..Iy would have been the cheap flight option, and very quick commuter airport

  9. Andrew J says:

    @Carl, yes, route 380 every 30 mins to Manukau via Papatoetoe station.

  10. Andrej says:

    The only advantage of Airbus Express is, currently price, when I compare it with taxis and of course, with mine and Jon’s experience with taxis in the past - the bus is the only good way getting from the airport back to city for overseas tourists and I recommend it to all who’re visiting New Zealand and Auckland particularly. But, I agree with the opinions above, rail is rail…

  11. PatrickOR says:

    380 service is a too well kept secret at the moment. Needs increase in frequency to connect well with rail. I’ve used it to get to city at morning rush hour by connecting to the train at Papatoetoe. Cheaper and quicker than Airbus at rush hour but needs an integrated ticket with rail for people going to stations throughout Auckland.

  12. Patrick says:

    The Airbus route must also service the Onehunga Train Station & Bus Terminal as well. I note that on the Auckland Rail Network that the Onehunga Line has no Transfer station for bus services to the Airport. A 380 type service from Onehunga to Airport would fix this.

  13. Carl says:

    what is the price?

    the melbourne skybus (for an example) im not aware of the distance, although it is mostly all motorway, is $16 O/W and takes about 20 mins in Peak.

    its $26 return and they do offer mulit rides and 10 trip cards.

    it drops you at Southern Cross train station, then if you are on the list of hotels ( and even some backpackers) there is a little shuttle bus that does the rounds and picks you up or drops you off.

    from where I have stayed, door to door its about an 45-50mins.

  14. Andrew Stevenson says:

    Re: bus from Onehunga to the airport

    I have recently drawn this to the attention of the local community board and an MP.

    I also approached Auckland Transport and they wouldn’t let me get past a PR person (to talk to a planner). She said they were aware of issues in the area and would start a review later this year. The review is expected to take over a year to complete.


    I think a connecting bus (off the train) to the airport would work well. You could also extend the 380 route through the airport to Onehunga.

    Once you can get to the airport from Onehunga, it makes getting to the airport from the western suburbs easier as well.

  15. Andrew says:

    Having caught a TGV directly from Paris CDG Airport to Bordeaux yesterday, which was brilliant, I’d just like to point out that airport rail connections are pretty awesome. Auckland needs this.

    The Auckland Airbus is good for now although I’ve personally never used it, but rail will be better.

  16. PatrickOR says:

    The 380 bus is a normal service bus so costs $3.40 from the airport to Papatoetoe railway station - a bargain.

  17. Jacky says:

    maybe Airbus Express should consider joining the snapper network very soon!!! it will be much easier for the passenger to get to the airport easier…


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