Wellington Extend Train Moves


Wellington’s measures to try to curb train overcrowding and subsequent loss of fare collections are not just continuing but being extended.
From tomorrow, at Petone, tickets for morning peak services with be sold and checked on the Wellington- bound platform rather than on the train. Staff on the platform will also be selling single trip tickets but accepting cash only.
This has been done since April 5 on the Kapiti Line – on southbound trains, at all stations from Paremata to Wellington. Tranz Metro said the measures would be in place for up to 8 weeks until more Matangi trains came into normal service.
Checking and selling tickets on platforms is adding a little extra time before the train can be boarded. Tranz Metro is advising passengers to get to the station earlier than usual and have their ticket ready for checking.
Passengers boarding a Wellington- bound Wairarapa morning peak service at Upper Hutt, Waterloo and Petone will now not have to pay the usual surcharge. The services involved depart Upper Hutt at 6.56am, 7.32am and 7.57am, Waterloo at 7.12am, 7.50am and 8.13am, and Petone at 7.18am, 7.58am and 8.19am.
Tranz Metro say this is a “temporary measure to reduce demand on our other Hutt line peak services.”
Buses will continue to replace trains on the morning peak Melling Line services but there will be one train service from Wednesday - a 8.34am from Melling to Wellington.
For each scheduled train service there are two buses. One runs express to Wellington and one bus stops at all stations to Wellington.
Another express bus to Wellington leaves Petone station at the scheduled time.

Overcrowded Wellington trains brings new measures

Over Easter, as with Auckland’s train service, there will be upgrading of the Wellington rail network. As a result, buses will be replacing trains on the Kapiti, Johnsonville and Hutt Valley Lines from 3am Friday until 3am Tuesday. Wairarapa train services will be operating between Upper Hutt and Masterton.

Buses not trains may get you here to Wellington's railway station

In Auckland. there will be no trains operating on Good Friday (NB if you are going to the Blues game).
For the remaining of Easter weekend, all services will be replaced by rail bus replacement services due to ongoing track works.
In addition, trains between Britomart and Otahuhu via Newmarket and trains between Britomart and Onehunga will be replaced by buses from 8pm Thursday .
On Good Friday and Easter Monday, buses will run to public holiday (Sunday) timetables.
Details at Maxx
Disruptions planned after that are:
SATURDAY 14 and 15 MAY SOUTHERN LINE: Papakura to Otahuhu
SATURDAY 18 and 19 JUNE SOUTHERN LINE: Papakura to Otahuhu
SATURDAY 19 AND SUNDAY 20 NOVEMBER WESTERN LINE: Waitakere/Henderson to Britomart




  1. Rich says:

    This is where Wgtn Station’s original design could be used to great advantage. I realize that New World occupies the old ticket windows and the other side of the station hall has advertising posters. Restrict entry to the platform/concourse area (or a part of it) to ticket holders.

  2. Matt L says:

    I have actually noticed them doing ticket checks/sales in the morning in Auckland for quite some time. Out west they are almost always at either Glen Eden or New Lynn which get pretty heavy morning peak loads.

    The other thing is that once we get integrated ticketing up it would be pretty easy to monitor stations as you only need one or two people to just make sure people have swiped their cards.

  3. Martin says:

    Properly fence off Wellington station and install ticket styles. Cheaper then platform staff, significantly less hassle and most likely an increase in fare revenue.

  4. grunter says:

    Rich, the New World is at the waterfront end of the concourse, not along the side. Ticket checks are easy at Wellington- they are done via barriers onto the platfroms routinely on Fri and Sat nights, and after events at the stadiums, which works great for passengers catching trains to leave Wellington. There is not such a problem in the afternoons. The current crowding issues affect mainly the morning trains which are inbound passengers. Ticket checks at Wellington would do nothing to ensure that everyone that got on the train at any of the outer stations paid the right the fare.

  5. Rich says:

    Grunter: I meant that the New World entrance in the hall knocked out the very old (metal) ticket windows (As you come in from the front, on the right… ), and by posters I meant on the left hand of that same hall. Not the area as shown in the photo in this article.

    Also, yes, I was careful to point out that I was only talking about Wgtn station: I was thinking that if that many people were coming in, surely a similar number would also come out at the same time.

  6. Luke says:

    You guys are forgetting about access to and from the stadium…..

  7. Mike says:

    …and forgetting about access to/from platform 9.


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