Queen Wharf Cloud Gets Cover


Fabric now covers part of Queens Wharf RWC2011 building officially called The Cloud structure and suppose to be Party central although that is now rather murky.

It’s now officially referred to as “a purpose built structure to accommodate the festival, fanzone and showcase event on the wharf during the Rugby World Cup 2011.”

Maybe we call it the thing down at Queens Wharf the taxpayer is paying for for use by the Government during the RWC.
RWC Minister Murray McCully said: “The Cloud will hold over 6,000 people and will be used for sector showcasing, exhibitions, events, concerts and festivals, as well as be part of the whole-of-wharf fan zone during Rugby World Cup matches. The harbour end of The Cloud will be used as a media lounge and for VIP hosting.
“The Cloud will also house a tourism I-Site, where trained staff will help to promote the REAL New Zealand Festival and regional and national visitor experiences and tourist attractions. The first use of The Cloud will be during the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum in early September.”

Govt image of what they see The Cloud providing

The large 178.5 metre steel frame was installed on the western edge of the wharf to support the white fabric forming the roof and wall panels of The Cloud.

It is made of structural steel, timber, opaque fabric PVC, glass and clear ETFE. Sixteen jumbo rolls of roof fabric (8,500 square metres weighting about 10 tonnes) produced by Ferrari in France was sea freighted to Fabric Structure Systems in Whangarei and fabricated into the roof panels. The ETFE roof & wall panels are being fabricated by Architen Landrell in Wales.

Bob Harvey, Waterfront Auckland Chairman. says the redevelopment of Queens Wharf involves three distinct projects: repairs to the wharf structure, renovations to Shed 10 and the wharf surface, and the installation of The Cloud.

Before the fabric went on

Repairs to the underside of Queens Wharf have been continuing since last year, along with repairs to the wharf surface.  Essential services (power, water, wastewater, and communications) have also been installed from Quay Street.

“Over coming months the historic red fence will be repaired and reinstated and the entrance and exit points to the wharf from Quay Street will be greatly improved,” said Mr. Harvey. “New lighting will be installed and wooden and concrete street furniture will be added.”

“Shed 10 is receiving a new roof and its exterior cladding is being renovated to make it watertight. The old historic cargo shed is also getting new doors, a paint job and links to essential services.”

Waterfront Auckland is managing the redevelopment of Queens Wharf and has contracted three construction companies to carry out on-site work: Construction Techniques is managing the under wharf repair; Fletcher Construction is managing the construction of The Cloud; and Kalmar Construction is managing the repairs to Shed 10, surface repairs, services installation and landscaping. All three elements of the Queens Wharf redevelopment will be completed by August 2011.






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