SH20 Lane Closure Next Week


The NZTA will close a section of the southbound lanes on SH20 next Monday and Tuesday night for work associated with improvements to the Walmsley Road interchange at Mangere Bridge.

Southbound drivers, including those heading to Auckland International Airport, will be diverted off the motorway at Walmsley Road to McKenzie and Kirkbride Roads.

The southbound lanes will be closed between Walmsley Road and Massey Road both nights from 9pm until 5am. The Walmsley Road on-ramp will also be closed. Northbound lanes of the Southwestern Motorway will remain open.

The closures are needed so that contractors can install new gantries for signs over the motorway.

The length of the Walmsley Road on ramp is being extended by the NZTA as a safety measure to prevent traffic using it from making quick and potentially dangerous manoeuvres across a busy motorway to reach the lanes for the airport.





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