How To Run An Event


More proof that people like to go to events by public transport and not worry about using car and battling parking.
Especially when a council sets up a park and ride so that people can leave their cars en route and then catch a bus.
Smart move by Hamilton authorities.
For the weekend Balloons Over Waikato event, buses carried more than 16,000 passengers to and from the event, a 65% increase over 2010.
That was more than 20% of the event goers.
The council operated a series of Park and Ride sites around the city where event goers were able to drop their cars and bus to and from the event for free.
The council estimates more than 5000 cars were off roads near the event because of the Park and Ride sites.

Hamilton's buses

The total of 16,077 passengers carried the buses on Saturday compared to 9,733 last year and 8,500 in 2009.




  1. Luke says:

    Environment Waikato really seem to have upped their game in the past few years, many good innovations.

  2. Jon Reeves says:

    It is Hamilton City Council who is the driving force for public transport. EW, now WRC, is slowly coming around to PT.


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