Hamilton Underground For RWC?


Running commuter trains between Auckland to Hamilton during the RWC 2011 is still on the cards - and there’s talk now of whether the grotty underground station in Hamilton Central should be re-activated and used.

Hamilton City Council is talking to KiwiRail about trains for the 3 matches at Waikato Stadium in September and October.
KiwiRail is already talking of running five trains from Hamilton for Auckland cup matches.

But council members have expressed concerns the Frankton Station is not ideally situated and is not a good look for tourists.

Nor is the once-used central underground station, beneath The Warehouse - but some councillors are discussing whether that would at least be more central if it got a good scrub.

Hamilton Central station has not been in use since 1995 as a passenger train station. Take a look at its present condition.

It ticks the boxes for location, location, location being within 300 metres walk from Victoria Ave. It is about 1km from the present Hamilton (Frankton) station. It would require a buy in from the owners.

And as you can see, it’s going to require a lot of work. Last time I mentioned it, an emailer said “you will find teenagers like myself down there every day pretty much.”

Another possibility raised was of constructing a new rail platform on a section of the lowered track parallel to Bryce St, opposite Seddon Park, which would provide a convenient pedestrian connection to Waikato Stadium.
But this was considered to major logistical and technical problems, including disruption of freight trains.
As of yet, no one is putting out their hand to offer to pay for any of the improvements needed at this late stage so unless some one acts quickly, the chances are it will be Frankton.




  1. Andy says:

    It would be great to get the ball rolling now on what could be start of a good link between Hamilton and Auckland. I am thinking also of the years and decades ahead of us where the line would be electrified all the way too Hamiltron.

  2. Hamilton Underground For RWC? - Featured - AKT…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Finn says:

    I knew there was a Hamilton Underground station but I didn’t know what it looked like until now, and by the way its looking, I’m not even interested finding out about the history etc. But there is one thing, when was this station made, and what was its use? Anyway I think they should re-do the station again for the RWC I’m going to a game in Hamilton and I live in Helensville, so it would be cool. Are they thinking of doing a Helensville service for any of the games?

  4. Finn says:

    I would be good for a Helensville service.

  5. Jim C says:

    Surely it wouldn’t take much to clean the station up. Install some adequate gates on entry/exit points and you should not get much vandalism.

  6. greenwelly says:

    Here are the building plans for the building above it
    including a proposed access that was never built.


    I am assuming that if it was to be reopened then it would require the lift to be installed to allow non stair access??, if so it sounds expensive for a one off…

  7. Carl says:

    why would it be a one off though?

    get people to actually pay for this service during the world cup, and while the world cup is on, use it in the mornings for commuters as well.

    they really gota test this idea.

    People in Pukekohe and Tuakau will jump on board in both directions.

    I’ve this before, a lot of young people from Pukekohe study in Hamilton, if they had a train raining most days at a good time, it might take a few more cars off the road. it def needs to be a decent service during the week and at least a morning and evening train on saturday and sunday.

    they have to think a head! not just the WRC.

  8. greenwelly says:

    @Carl, Because no one has put their hands up to provide the $$$ to get a Auckland Waikato rail connection up and running.

    + There are all the issues about not having any space slots at Britomart for such a service (resulting in some interesting solutions involving either detraining, new carriages or coupling services together)

  9. Andy says:

    A one off? Its called future proofing!

  10. Jon Reeves in Switzerland says:

    You can make submissions on Waikato - Auckland commuter trains to HCC, EW and Waikato District Council.

    The CBT Waikato team have started this weekend talking with members of the public in Hamilton with submission forms for them to sign.

    I am still amazed that the Government, including Steven Joyce and local Hamilton National Party MPs are still completely against the rail service.

  11. mark says:

    “I am still amazed that the Government, including Steven Joyce and local Hamilton National Party MPs are still completely against the rail service.”

    If you are against something, why would you want to see success stories? That just doesn’t fit into your propaganda that Kiwis won’t ever change from cars!

  12. Carl says:

    I still don’t get why these idiots are running the country then?

    are the self elected? living in OZ for the past while, I can imagine things aren’t too much different.

    but far out, countries generally spend years, getting ready for world wide events.

    a few months out and we don’t even have an intercity public train service?

    let alone even look like we are getting.

    I hate to say, but I hope the british media arrive and rip shit about it. because its cleary going to take the outside world to show us just how bloody stupid some people are.

    why’d we give a a million $ to Japan in aid money when we can’t even support ourselves?

    im sorry if people find that harsh but its the truth.

    that could have been money better spent on something in nz that needs to be fixed now, and shown off during the World Cup.

    NZ and Auckland esp is going to be on show.

    So far I’m a little embarresed about what is not being done intercity wise.

    not everybody wants to drive or get a taxi, some people want to catch a train or a bus and have a few beers before and after the games, game.

  13. Nick R says:

    It’s just ideology Carl, the people voted National in, but National have an ideology where private transport is efficient, effective and good for the economy, while public transport in inefficient, expensive, socialist and a drain on the economy. No one in NZ seems to care about what the rest of the world does, and given that cabinet is populated by a pack of good old boys who grew up on farms and country towns it’s not surprising they can’t contemplate how the rest of the world works.

    It is a little funny to see this distinction, in Australia there is not right= private transport left=public transport divide in the capitals.


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