Puhoi Highway Delayed?


The Rodney Times is reporting that the so called Holiday Highway has been delayed because of the cost of repairing Christchurch.

The report says:

That could see completion of the $1.3 billion four-lane highway pushed back to 2024.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce has not ruled out the possibility but says it’s still too early to say.

“Our infrastructure plans are crucial for achieving stronger economic growth, and that remains the case. But the recovery of Christchurch is also crucial and it will be a top priority,” Mr Joyce says. “There may be some timing changes within the National Land Transport Fund, but it is a large fund and it would be premature to say which projects, if any, would be affected,” he says.

Motorway further north may get axed, what about CBD link?

Labour’s new transport spokesman Shane Jones has issued a statement saying :”There is no way Labour has ever accepted that this stretch of highway is a road of national significance. It falls into the nice but not necessary category, and there is absolutely no doubt that the $1.3 billion estimated cost of the highway could be put to far better use on other infrastructure projects.”

Let’s hope there is a sane debate about Auckland’s planned CBD rail link before it too quickly gets the axe or shelved for some future decade.





  1. Luke says:

    the Rodney times need to do a bit of fact checking. They’re going to be lucky get to Warkworth for $1.3 billion, as for Wellsford that shouldn’t every be on the 2040 plan.

  2. malcolm says:

    Oh good. Lets hope Shane Jones can do a better job than Darren Hughes did.

  3. Jon Reeves says:

    The Holiday Highway has nothing going for it, even the business case is very poor at best.

    You could buy the entire town of Warkworth for $1.3 billion!


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