New Train Fares: What You’ll Pay


The new train fares, coming in on March 13, have been revealed today.

  • A one stage will cost 10 cents more
  • 2 stage 10 cents more
  • 3 stage jumps 20 cents
  • 4 stage 30 cents
  • 5 stage 40 cents more
  • 6 stage 50 cents more
  • 7 stage 60 cents
  • 8 stage 50 cents
  • The present $110 monthly pass increases by $5
  • The Day Rover pass jumps $1 and the family day pass goes from $21.50 to $23
  • The excellent one day Discovery Pass of $14.50 which gave unlimited travel on trains and most buses sadly vanishes

Here is how it will affect you:

This is what they are now now:

For those using monthly passes, the new fares are:

Presently they are:

Auckland Transport said the increases were due to “an $8 million increase in costs associated with providing more services from 1529 scheduled services per week to 1950 services per week.”




  1. Matt L says:

    I saw this the other day and the thing that dissapoints me the most is the increase to the All Zones Monthly of $10, that means for my wife and I our monthly travel costs just increased $20.

    I think they should have taken the opportunity to put lower increases on the monthly passes to help encourage people to use them. They have been good value and I find I want to use trains more because I have one plus get the benefit of being able to make short trips without penalty i.e. can catch a train from Britomart to Newmarket, have dinner and then catch a train home without incurring an extra cost.

  2. mickeymouse says:

    Has anyone considered moving the Main PID at Britomart down to the platform area, as this is where most passemgers start looking for their train.
    My observation is that most people do no pay much attention to the current PID where it presently is located at the top of the escalators.


  3. aucklander says:

    Does anyone know why the Discovery passes have been discontinued ?

  4. Jimmy says:

    I don’t think the Discovery Day Pass is being discontinued. I believe it hasn’t been included in the new fares on the Maxx website because the price is unchanged. The Veolia website has it listed under the new fares as $14.50 (still).

    @mickeymouse: yes people have been pondering this pretty much since Britomart opened. There’s some lame excuse as to it ruining the aesthetics of the open plan or something…

  5. Jon Reeves in Switzerland says:

    I hope the Discovery Pass isn’t being cancelled. It would surely mean Auckland would be the only city in the world without a pass like that?

    I am not pleased that this Government has forced public transport fares up. It should be encouraging more people onto PT.

    I guess the road lobby doesn’t really like PT!

  6. Carl says:

    so it costs an extra $75 a month just to travel between Pukekohe and Papakura?

    what a JOKE!

    id hate to think what the are going to charge when the system becomes electric? oh wait, the whole system wont, because its wont include Puekekohe as per usual.

    Hungry in 1890 had a better setup than we have today.

    this is a joke and so are these fares.

    because once they bring in the swipe cards or whatever they will call them, they are going to have to make up new prices for the users or those too.

    then that will incur more costs, for more printing of signs and advertising.

    who is actually in charge of all of this? do they not have the insight to see what I just wrote is going to happen?

    there is no vision in this company.


  7. Brad Heap says:

    One can only hope that one day Auckland will do something similar to Sydney where the fares at the lower level are slightly more expensive but much cheaper at the top level, also fares are cheaper if travelling off peak, or return:

  8. Jon Reeves in Switzerland says:

    Carl - This National Party lead Goverment took over $200 million of PT funding away for it’s Roads of InSignificance (like the Holiday Highway to Welsford).

    You can blame John Key and Steven Joyce for this… it was their decision to cut the funding available then demand higher fares.

    I know who I am not voting for this November. Will other PT uses wake up in time?

  9. Andrew J says:

    Just seen it all on the Maxx website. The way I read it the Discovery DAY pass remains at $14.50, however the Monthly pass will be discontinued.

    Anybody else read it that way or able to confirm this?

  10. Matt L says:

    Andrew, both the day and monthly discovery passes appear to be gone but it doesn’t list any change to it on the Bus Passes page so who knows what has really happened.

    Carl - It costs more because Pukekohe is much further out being an extra 18km from Papakura, when you consider that Paakura is 31km from Britomart then it is a lot of extra distance to cover which means it costs more to run. This is also most likely why electrification isn’t being extended there, the cost of doing so isn’t worth it for the amount of patronage.

  11. Jimmy says:

    @Andrew: I don’t read it that way at all. The way I read it, is that the prices of the discovery pass (day and monthly) is unchanged. This is confirmed when you check out the new fare schedule on veolias website.

  12. Andrew J says:

    Ah yep, see that now, managed to misread it as well. So where did Jon get the idea that they were going then?

  13. Matt L says:

    Andrew J - if you look at the MAXX page it shows the fares in a table then shows another table underneath it with the fares from 13 March and in thhose ones the discovery pass isn’t present.

  14. Kurt says:

    @Jon Reeves in Switzerland.

    It seems that no matter what National do that should have started to concern the voting public and there have been some fairly poor results lately they stay popular. Maybe it says more about the oppositions performance.

    But we will see in November.

  15. Carl says:

    @ Matt L, they didn’t use that excuse when the built a train line out of Perth to Mandurah.

    maybe if they pulled their heads out of there arses and put in another stop between, and gave it a decent feeder bus service, and some services on the weekend, that people could try out when they have time and aren’t working and see its not so bad, then maybe just maybe…. more people might use it.

    this is a joke, when the swipe cards come in, i bet they also don’t include Pukekohe either.

    again i ask the question, what was the point of us joining the super city?

    simple, collect out money and give us nothing back.

  16. Matt L says:

    Carl - Mandurah is also almost 4 times the size of Pukehoke and Perth has a completely different structure to us. Putting another stop in between at Dury is something they should do but that isn’t magically going to make fares to Puke drop or electrification viable. I do think the wires should and will eventually reach there but for the time being we need to focus on the money available on areas that give the best potential long term return.

    You always seem to think that there is a grand conspiracy that Puke was included in the super city but given its location there isn’t really any other option. If it wasn’t part of the city the services that exist now would have ceased already.

  17. GJA says:

    I have mentioned this before, but the fare collection on the 17:12 Eastern Line is still shocking. We had a four train (the ‘newer’ ones) today and quite a few people had to stand, but no fares were collected in my carriage, by the time I got off the train at Panmure. I think there were only a TM and one more operator, that all I could see.

    So I can just imagine a few more people got a free ride to Sylvia Park as well. The issue here is that a large number of people who travel 3 stages have monthly passes, so everybody who got off the train up to GI added to lost revenue.

    I now need to pay an extra $5 a month because Veolia does not know how to collect fares - hopefully I’m not upsetting them.

  18. Kurt says:

    @GJA. Completely agree with you. I have frequently watched passengers leaving the train not paying by Meadowbank and Orakei on the Eastern line peak evening services from Britomart.

    The collective amount of fares lost per month must be sizable purely down to the operators inability to staff the trains properly.

  19. Carl says:

    Matt L - that is total rubbish.

    Franklin Dis council use to run fun without.

    all we have now is people in a totally different party of a “city” telling people in a Rural based area how to do things.

    and that train is not just for Pukekohe, its all the surrounding areas.

    like I said, trail weekend trips, get people interested, more people come along.

    fares don’t need to drop, services need to be more often so that people can understand there is a train and it does work, baby steps, its how it works.

    Mandurah might be bigger, it was a massive gamble, but it worked, and its what needs to Happen in Auckland and the surrounding centres.

    2011 and you still can’t get a commuter train from Hamilton to Auckland, sorry but that is a joke.

  20. Victor says:

    Does anyone know how many stages form henderson to avondale?

  21. AKT says:

    @Victor 2 stages.


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