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DoC is going to allow cycle access to the Heaphy trail in Kahurangi National Park from next May through the winter months.

The move is  strongly supported by cycling and tramping organisations, including the Federated Mountain Clubs, and will see 80 kilometres of challenging grade four (advanced) singletrack open to small groups of riders looking for a remote multi-day adventure.

Green Party cycling spokesperson, Kevin Hague calls the Heaphy “one of the greatest rides on the planet,” said

“In terms of mountain bike adventures, it’s the best New Zealand has to offer, and the move will enable a whole new group of New Zealanders to experience this gem. They will fall in love with it and be inspired to take a greater interest in protecting these special places.”

“Mountain biking the Heaphy is the equivalent to walking the Milford Track. It’s that significant in the biking world. The decision will add great momentum to the explosion in cycling that’s already taking place around the country,” said Mr Hague.

“A likely 4000+ additional visitors to the area will bring much needed winter revenue to the Conservation estate and to the local economies of Golden Bay and Karamea. Much of this will come from overseas.”

The stunning Heaphy track |DoC

Kevin Hague was one of a number who campaigned tirelessly for the re-opening of the Heaphy trail to cyclists. Cycling historian and mountain biking expert Jonathan Kennett believes the trail was first ridden in 1938 and regularly thereafter enabling cycle tourists safe and spectacular access to the West Coast.

“What a day to celebrate and be proud of! Walkers and cyclists have demonstrated that they can be happy sharing trails like the Heaphy in the past and the Queen Charlotte Walkway today. I’m confident this will be no different,” said Mr Hague.




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