Wellington Rush Hour Signal Fail


Wellington’s turn for a major Tranz Metro train FAIL during peak time tonight.

Signals failed around the Wellington junction at 5.04pm bringing services except those on the Johnsonville Line to a halt.

It was at too short notice for buses to be arranged so passengers could only mill around the stations wondering what would happen.

At 5.47 Tranz Metro said they still could not give a time for the fault to be repaired.  It was not until 6.30pm before services could properly resume. And already scheduled from 7.30pm were buses to replace some trains for maintenance in preparation for the new Matangi trains staring operation.

Wasn’t a new signal system put in there a few months back?

In fact I blogged from Wellington’s main station back in July when KiwiRail was hailing that at the entrance to Wellington Station, new railway signalling systems were being commissioned as one of the final steps in the installation of a third main line.

Twitter was full of tweets from unhappy commuters such as..

sxbaird: You have to admire the constant level of service from tranz metro. Positively soviet.

masemasemase The biggest #tranzfail ever. @tranzmetro is grossly incompetent. Trains are still not on time despite what you claim

shirlynot Bloody bloody trains #Tranzmetro.

maddygp @TranzMetro that’s ok. Please accept my invoice for cost of alternative arrangements.

@PhoenixAsh_@TranzMetro Useless third world rail system…

CzechWonderNine RT @objektivs: Why did the chicken cross the road? There was a points failure so he had to catch the bus. #tranzmetro

CarrieTalbot02 Very unpleasant ride on the Bombay Express tonight! Thanks @TranzMetro

anceanz Next train Wellington to Upper Hutt leaves platform 5 at 6:35pm. My employer thanks TranzMetro for getting another 1 3/4 hr work from me

objektivs @sxbaird you said you were looking for a new exercise. How about joining the #tranzmetro program. Guaranteed results and no refund

lanceanz TranzMetro Wellington was announcing the points failure soon after 4:30pm. Message was only posted on web at 17:04, and SMS shortly before.

annaduggan RT @lanceanz: No TranzMetro services leaving Wellington UFN due major points failure in Wgtn yard. Who the hell did the work on the new lines?




  1. Ian says:

    It is beyond me why staff are not hand winding the key points at times like this.

  2. damian says:

    People need to get a grip - stuff like this happens. Get over it

  3. Brian says:

    Ever been stuck on the Motorways when there is an incident/accident. Takes longer than an hour or so to clear.

  4. signalhead says:

    All the signals are designed to fail in a safe condition, just about any size fault can cause a major delay. Sure beats a head on or a train up your train’s ass. After a year or so bugs should be worked out and all staff will be fully up to the play on this new system which, it can’t be ignored is a quantum leap in technology.
    There is no silver bullet to 20 years of under investment and asset stripping.
    In the big picture if signals fail to red it can cause people to be frustrated, if they fail to green it can cause people to die.


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