Govt Concern About Cycling Accidents


Good to see the government concern about the cycling tragedies.

Transport minister Steven Joyce says the government will look to whether there are regulations that have to change as a result of this week’s spate of cycling accidents.

“We’re all very concerned about cycling safety and the recent spate of accidents, ” he said speaking on RNZ today.

But he said the reality was that people committing such accidents are often outside the law such as in a hypothetical case where people are driving at 120k, go through a stop sign and crash into cyclists.

He said it then came down to not changing rules but encouraging motorists to obey them, realise driving was a job, to focus on that fact and realise things can change quickly that can impact people’s lives.

He got angry at suggestions that the government was not concerned saying it was sad and unhelpful for cycling advocates to say in the last few days make that accusation.  Such comments meant such an advocate was “not on the right planet, here”

“We’re all very concerned about cycling safety and some suggestion that somehow, because cyclists don’t contribute to road costs, the government or anyone else doesn’t care, is frankly just silly.”

Quay St footpath along waterfront

He said there will always be roads that are shared and it’s crucially important that people take care with other road users and the government did contribute to cycling projects.




  1. karl says:

    “He got angry at suggestions that the government was not concerned ”

    Well, WE got pretty angry when YOU downgraded pedestrian & cyclists safety to a “medium concern” while updating the safety program for the coming 10 years, Mr Minister. It’s been only a few months since, so you may even remember.

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