Frocks On Bikes Win Award


Frocks On Bikes, the nationwide movement promoting cycling in style for women, has taken out an award.

It won the best cycle promotion in the ASB Cycle Friendly Awards 2010 for Cycle Style Auckland, a fashion show celebrating the combination of women, fabulous bikes and New Zealand fashion design.

And the Wellington Frocks On Bikes group also celebrated “Frocktober” with Wheel Stylish, a cycle chic fashion show inspired by Cycle Style Auckland.

Over 170 stylish Wellingtonians attended a full fashion parade where every model is on a bike.

Frocks On Bikes spokeswoman Isabella Cawthorn says: “We were thrilled to be showcasing fantastic local fashion houses and bike suppliers, and that long-time chic cyclist Celia Wade-Brown chose Wheel Stylish as her first official engagement as Mayor of Wellington.”

Photo credit: Photos of Wellington event used with permission, are by Andy Morley-Hall. More on Facebook

For Auckland event go to Auckland Cycle Chic

Mens fashion photos below, also used by permission, are by John Darroch:




  1. max says:

    Thanks Jon. Cycle Style Auckland was a great event, organised by the Frockers, and assisted by Cycle Action Auckland (some who are Frockers and vice versa). It was a great event, though I didn’t get to see much of it - I was at the back, doing the valet cycle parking (there were so many bikes, we literally ran out of space for them - on a dark evening in the middle of winter, we had about 400 people, and maybe 200-plus came on bikes).


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