Eastern Line Gets Ready


It’s the Eastern Line’s turn to start getting ready for electrification.
During the weekend, often against the backdrop of the city landscape and waterfront, crews worked on either platform extensions or pre-electrification work while the Eastern trains were replaced by buses.

Workers were upgrading drainage systems on either side of the Purewa Tunnel and up to Meadowbank Station.

For the next fortnight, workers will be working at night on the rail corridor between Glen Innes and Meadowbank stations to complete those drainage activities.


Next weekend, they’ll be thrusting a cable duct along the corridor, with four thrusting machines positioned at intervals along the corridor.

I wanted to go for a ride in one of these or drive it please!

During the Christmas - January 9 shutdown, they’ll be working to lower the tracks inside and at either end of the Purewa Tunnel to create space for the electrified overhead wires which will be installed in the future.

At Quay Park, workers are improving track infrastructure including track and sleeper renewals and improved drainage and installing the much-welcomed new signalling system (including pits and ducts).

And between Sylvia Park and Panmure stations, workers have been laying new concrete sleepers on the tracks between Sylvia Park and Panmure stations.




  1. rtc says:

    Thanks for the updates! Any images/plans of the stabling facility they’re currently working on?

  2. Jon C says:

    @RTC Thanks. Yes in the middle of putting a post together,

  3. Cameron Brewer says:

    Great photos and update on the Eastern line work… please let me know if this work becomes more of a pain than expected in the coming months - [email protected]

  4. Anthony Blomfield says:

    Thanks for coming by Cameron


  5. Chris says:

    When will the Eastern Line be electrified?

  6. Jon C says:

    @Chris This is the start of the work leading up to the trains arriving from 2013.


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