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In autumn, AKT got a new look. Now it’s spring, so with the sun shining and longer days, it’s time to get out the fresh paint again. Welcome to the Summer Edition.

When was born 2 years ago, people sniggered, surprised Auckland had any train services. Metro magazine referred to us as a bunch of tragic trainspotters.

Now the words Auckland and Trains are synonymous -and the latest polls show Aucklanders want more rail as their number one wish for the city, especially an airport rail link.

This site has helped encourage the improvements we now have.

But the media continues to ignore the rail renaissance.

The recent extensive coverage here of the Onehunga station and here of the New Lynn transport hub openings in video, photos and event coverage raised your frustration that such important Auckland developments got minimal coverage from mainstream media.

Media gives preference to crime and celebrities and their stories need a negative spin. There were no murders or train crashes at Onehunga. The reality is rail and transport issues are now deeply tied to the wider city’s development & politics  - such as wide open pedestrian-friendly city squares, Shared Spaces and cycleways along motorways. This will be even more so with the new local body structure.

So lately I’ve been including some Auckland issues and stories that seem to get no coverage.

To make it work for everyone, this new layout means you can easily find on the home page what you’re looking for.

You will find if you want, separated sections on the home page for the latest blog entries concerning Trains, Transport and Auckland & RWC 2011 news, commentary and debate.

If you follow only trains especially if you are from out of Auckland, you can either check the home page section or still go to the navigation at the top of the home page to find Rail.

If you  just want Auckland stuff , you’lll see it straight away and can see easily what’s new.

If you enjoy all the flavours, you’ll find a mix ‘n’ match list of posts also.

If you’re reading the special smartphone version of this site, check out the new look web version.

The key to the site is debate - so thanks for all your continuing worthwhile and thoughtful contributions.

We continue to make a difference.

One of the scary things has been the discovery that policy makers are reading the site often and sometimes sending me either a nice or cutting email!

Trust me, a number of good things that have happened have resulted directly from commentary and debate on this site. They have told me so.

There may not always be an immediate policy change for everything we want but at least we know they’re reading what you think and over time momentum builds.

And with public transport figures now soaring, even some of those who sniggered 2 years ago are hopping on trains!

Here is how far we have come - now in version 5 - from the very first post 2 years ago lol

Auckland Trains circa 2008 on Blogspot

And as always, any feedback and suggestions are always welcome -and thanks always for your support in the last 2 years and for popping by. I appreciate it and enjoy your company.




  1. Looks cool.

    WP the way cool.

  2. patrick says:

    Thanks Jon
    Site is looking great. Thanks for the work, your photos and videos that you upload everyday. It’s great to see what’s been happening every day.
    Perhaps site’s like yours will show policy makers what the public want and that we do notice what’s going on!!

  3. GJA says:

    Thanks Jon, in the past I always got my Akl transport news from NZ Herald, but AKT is my new default page for this. (I must say I could never find anything worth reading on NZ Herald)

    The new site also displays better in IE, keep up the good work.

  4. Andrew Miller says:

    Excellent new look. And we’ve just had a 5.0 magnitude aftershook….

  5. joust says:

    wow, excellent change. where do you find the time? Its amazing the changes this site has seen. Both in Auckland’s transport network and on the pages themselves. Thankyou Jon for your dedication, sensible thoughts, and exhaustive coverage. Auckland would be poorer without it.


  6. Sam says:

    You do an excellent job Jon- this site does have a massive influence these days. Just look at the politicians who take their time to enter into discussions here and interface with the community- learn about peoples everyday issues. Your hard work has facilitated all of this.

    I just took a moment to see how the sites going… now in the top 1000 in NZ with 60% more internet users visiting the site than even a month ago. Also says that highly educated people are greatly overrepresented here- must be a good sign!

    Theres heaps more stats here:, for anyone who’s interested

  7. Matt L says:

    Jon you do great coverage and I for one hope to see it continue.

    Lets hope that those in power start to change their attitude as the general mood on the street (in Auckland at least) is people want PT improved. We starting to show that if you build it people will come and as a city we won’t really be able to grow and compete properly without some big PT improvement.

  8. Urban Local says:

    Great new look. A big improvement on the last, I often found that the page would never display properly. No problems now. And thanks for all your hard work. You must have a very busy ‘newsroom’.

  9. karl says:

    Still finding my way around, I guess I must be averse to change ;-)

    How is the “Top Debate” category defined? Is that your judgement of what is topical, Jon, or is it something to do with number of comments?

    And congrats on the great run so far from me too. I come here so often, I could conceivably be considered addicted.

  10. Andy says:

    I haven’t been here for long but I can safely say that I too am an addict and am often disappointed if there is nothing new. (Even though you upload new stuff SOOO often, but I just check this site that much).

    It also makes me feel connected to NZ again and has got me real psyched up for going back next March.

  11. Diego says:

    Congrats Jon, the new look is very fresh :)

  12. Jon C says:

    Thanks, appreciate your kind words.
    @Karl Can be either. Good thing is if a debate post has vanished from the home page but is still raging, it can be featured there so you can easily find your way to it.

  13. JX says:

    New Look = Love it! Another great evolution Jon.

  14. Mark Donnelly says:

    great new look
    - and as always a daily must read site

  15. Chris says:

    I prefer the old look, this one’s a bit confusing. But anyway, it wont stop me from digging into some good news!

  16. Chris says:

    actually, on closer inpection, its quite good.

  17. Henderson Kid says:

    Looks amazing. Good to have the choices and 2 be able to click straight into debate topics

  18. William Ross says:

    Congratulations Jon.
    Best looking blog I have seen. Makes it very readable and appealing.
    Change always takes a bit of getting used to but this will prove a winner.

  19. Mike B says:

    Looks great Jon and appreciate the extensive coverage of all things transport. It’s a great way to keep abreast of news back home from here in Amsterdam

  20. Todd says:

    Great work, this site is always a great read!

  21. Jon Reeves says:

    I find this site more interesting than the NZ Herald. Great general mix of not only transport, but politics and other issues I enjoy reading about.

    Great work Jon C

  22. Joshua says:

    Great Work Jon - Two Words - LOVE IT!

  23. Johans says:

    My lord - it’s been a long way and congrats Jon!

  24. Jon C says:

    Cheers cheers and Cheers!! But lets know any suggestions or things you miss! I can always bring back the blue version site above!!

  25. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for this very informative, very engaging site that allows for the people to exercise real democracy in a way that makes a difference and for which is rapidly influencing the politics and policy of New Zealand and Auckland, especially in the area of Transport. I have also enjoyed adding my opinions occasionally, even though a few who comment have a problem with my opinions.

    Anyway all the best and keep up the excellent work.

  26. Paul Q says:

    @Jon C - just one minor complaint - can you do something about the different sized pictures in the featured stories area causing the rest of the page below that to jump up and down - it’s very frustrating trying to read the headlines when it keeps moving up and down whenever a bigger picture is shown

  27. Jon C says:

    @Paul Q hopefully fixed now


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