Wgtn Gets Bus Lane Cameras


Now it’s Wellington motorists’ turn.

Monitoring of cars in bus lanes will start in a few weeks.

The Wellington council says monitors will be easily spotted. They’ll wear a highly visible uniform to distinguish them from parking wardens and police and they’ll be standing next to a camera and tripod!

If someone has been found using a bus lane illegally, they will be issued with a zero-dollar infringement notice as a warning. Motorists caught illegally using the lanes a second time will be liable for a $150 fine.

While the council says the aim is to improve the efficiency of bus-based public transport by discouraging unauthorised or illegal use of bus lanes, there are 2 areas that will get main priority.

A main focus is on the Pirie Street bus tunnel due to people illegally using that route.

Manners Mall construction for use by buses

It is also to help prevent any confusion for motorists once the new Golden Mile route through Manners Street is complete in November, by reminding motorists that they can’t turn into Manners Street by day when the new bus route is in place.




  1. Anthony M says:

    They should put these cameras on the lane in christchurch. where people constantly still use these lanes.

  2. Brent C says:

    1 free trip through Pirie Street bus tunnel. Watch out for these in your next entertainment book. Courtousy of Wellington City Council


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