2 Wellington Trains Crash - Update


Fortunately there have been no fatalities after two Tranz Metro Wellington passenger trains collided near Plimmerton just north of Wellington just before rush hour - but commuters may have to find their own way home tonight.

5 people are being sent to Wellington hospital with minor injuries but there is also a report of someone with spinal injuries.

Kiwirail CEO Jim Quinn said a north bound train stopped because of a slip and a south bound train drove into the cab of the front train which had stopped because of a slip and clipped it.

The northbound train had derailed but was still upright.

Another slip on the Johnsonville line has seen the cancellation of all services tonight on the eve of the rush hour.

Mr Quinn said things happened very quickly and there was no time to communicate between drivers to advise of the train stopping because of the slip . He said if they had known, they would have immediately closed the track before other trains could arrive in the area.

He said there would be full investigations once the immediate issues such as passenger safety were sorted out.

Passengers had to be helped from the electric lines and have been sent by four-wheel drive vehicles to nearby Mana for treatment. Lines are also down.

There were 54 passengers on the two trains and six KiwiRail staff.

Mr Quinn said the drivers were shaken but not injured.

Bad weather is continuing in the area.

He said the slip was the result of very bad weather in Wellington for some days.

Paraparaumu line services this evening will stop at Porirua with some buses operating from Porirua - but only limited number of buses.

This evenings Capital Connection service will be replaced by buses from Wellington.

There is now a slip on the Johnsonville line. There are no trains tonight and no bus replacements so people will have to find their own way home.




  1. Roger says:

    Puts our Western Line problems before double-tracking into perspective. I don’t envy Wellington commuters tonight.

  2. Anthony M says:

    Oh dear lord. I hope this sort of incident doesnt happen again.
    are their any pictures of the crash?

  3. Ian says:

    It’s pissing down too.

  4. Tim says:

    I think we can all be thankful no one else was hurt, definitely a freak occurrence, but a lot of people are going to be mulling over and questioning what more could have been done.

    When was the last time a train hit another in NZ? I can’t think of anything in recent memory


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