Tougher Motorbike Licence Tests


Tougher motorbike licence tests, tests for moped users and a power-to-weight restriction for novices replacing the current cc restrictions are among measures announced this afternoon.

Transport minister Steven Joyce says the measures are for growing safety issues and include a number of actions aimed at better training for novice and returning riders.

Actions approved by Cabinet are:

  • Strengthen motorcycle licence tests and make them more motorcycle specific.
  • Remove the option for motorcyclists to complete an approved driving course (Defensive Driving or Street Talk) to reduce their time on a restricted motorcycle licence and introduce motorcycle-specific training as an alternative to the standard testing regime.
  • Require all novice motorcyclists, regardless of age, to be subject to the same minimum time requirements at the restricted licence stage. Currently, over 25 year olds have a shorter time requirement on the restricted licence before they may progress to a full licence.
  • Require all moped riders to complete a moped-specific basic handling skills test along with a motorcycle learner theory test to obtain a new Class 6M licence (to be phased in over three years).
  • Introduce a power-to-weight restriction for novice riders.
  • Develop appropriate refresher training for returning riders and encourage uptake.
  • Promote the benefits of high-visibility and protective clothing.
  • A power-to-weight restriction for novices replaces the current cc restrictions, as there are now high performance bikes available with a low cc.

The minister said that power-to-weight restrictions would allow novice riders a greater range of bikes that are suited to their skill levels. Promoting refresher training and protective clothing will help improve the safety of both novices and returning riders.

“Motorcyclists are 20 times more at risk of being involved in a fatal or serious injury crash than car drivers per kilometre driven. With more new riders every day, these steps are vital to keep riders safe on the road.”

Since declining in the late 1990s, motorcycle related deaths have increased by 68 per cent since 2004. This has coincided with a quadrupling of motorcycle registrations.




  1. Doloras says:

    Hmmm. A specific moped license will ruin the burgeoning scooter market in Auckland.

  2. rtc says:

    Being the Joyce cynic that I am, I wouldn’t be surprised if his intention is to force motocyclists back into cars.

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