Approval After 16 Years


It’s taken the ARC 16 years.

But today a new 400 hectare marine reserve is to be established in the Rodney district after a successful application by the ARC.

Tawharanui Marine Reserve adjoins the northern side of Tawharanui Regional Park and is approximately 400 hectares in size.

The marine reserve, formerly a marine park created in 1981, will enhance the protection of this section of coastline and the opportunities for the scientific study of marine life.

ARC Chairman Mike Lee, who has advocated for the marine reserve since 1994, says increased marine protection on this popular stretch of coast will enhance the area’s natural and scientific values.

“It may have taken 16 years, but this has been a cause worth fighting for.

“The Tawharanui Marine Reserve will be unique in that it will create an undersea sanctuary next to a mainland open sanctuary and alongside a popular surf beach,” he says.

“We appreciate the support that we have received from those interested in protecting this area especially local Iwi, Ngati Manuhiri.”

Conservation minister Kate Wilkinson says Tāwharanui is a remarkable coastal area and is renowned for its beauty and unique geology. It’s incredibly popular for swimming and snorkelling.

The diversity of fish and other marine life, along with extensive reefs, also make it an ideal site for scientific research.

“Tawharanui will become New Zealand’s 34th marine reserve, 35 years on since the first reserve was established at Cape Rodney.”

The approximately 400ha reserve will replace the Tāwharanui Marine Park. The boundaries will be slightly different, with the new reserve to be approximately 18ha larger than the existing park.

The area has been a no-take fishing zone since the marine park was established in 1981.

The Tāwharanui Marine Park was established under two different acts — the Harbours Act and the Fisheries Act.

In 1979, the Auckland Regional Authority was granted control of the foreshores, coastal waters and seabed under the Harbours Act, allowing them to manage the marine park. In 1981, restrictions on the taking of fish in the vicinity of the Tāwharanui Peninsula were gazetted under the Fisheries Act, making it a no-take fishing zone.




  1. nzbcfanboi says:

    Good to see this great non-transport project done before the ARC is gone it’s things like this that I will miss the ARC for


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