Onehunga Discovers Trains!


Here’s my favourite email of the day.
I had lots of emails before Onehunga opened from people asking questions about train travel as they had not been on one in Auckland before.
Here’s feedback from one of them this afternoon who tried it out!

Hi Jon,

The train is AWESOME!!
and its so nice to see a lot of people using it.
On Saturday (today) I was the only one catching the train ( 8am) , but on the way back at 1pm ( 6 people at penrose station) there was 30 to 50 people going the other way!
Great to see!!
I’m a BIG guy, and the train has heaps of room for people like me. heaps more room than the buses
I’ve convinced my daughter and son-in-law to goto Britomart next Saturday.
Thanks again for your help. and believe me when I say, I’ll be using the train whenever I want to go anywhere! I just love it!




  1. Matt L says:

    That’s great to hear, ARTA should be going out and letting people in the area know how good the service actually is. Also 30-50 people using the train at one point is not bad considering that it has only been going for a week. I continue to maintain that this line will be well above expectations which will hopefully increase the calls for an extension to the airport.

  2. Jon C says:

    @Matt L I’m with you on that one Matt!

  3. GJA says:

    Everybody is talking about the benefits for Onehunga and I agree with that 100%, but a great spinoff is that people can get around Auckland, i.e. Viaduct, Vector Arena, Eden Park, Sylvia Park, Manukau Shopping centre(shortly), etc.

    The Auckland region can only benefit from all these services.

  4. Andrew says:

    @ GJA not to mention Dresssmart and Mt Smart Stadium


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