2.2% Train Fare Price Rise


The average increase on train fares from October 3 will be 2.2%.

From that date, you will no longer be able to purchase a monthly pass onboard and the $5.00 discount for off-board sales will no longer be valid from 3 October 2010.

ARTA’s fare increases for buses as well - which come in at the same time as the government’s GST increases - are confusing and inconsistent to say the least. They are on the Maxx site here

With so little detail, one has to say they have been slipped in under the guise of the GST change.

Here is ARTA’s explanation -which doesn’t mention the transport minister has asked for councils to reduce public transport subsisides which means user pays in terms of a fare increase:

Why are fares changing?

Most fares are going up because of the increase in GST. A few fares are increasing due to rounding  and some fares are increasing at a higher percentage as part of a pricing review designed to align with the increasing costs of public transport.

How much are the fares increasing by?

Typically fares have increased by approximately 2-3% on average across all services. Some fares are not increasing at all and other fares have been increased at a slightly higher or lower percentage due to rounding.

Why aren’t fares increasing by the same amount?

It is not possible to increase all fares by a strict across-the-board percentage figure. Some fares have had no increase, others have been rounded to make cash handling easy and speed up boarding times, (for example an increase of 2.5% on a $1.70 bus fare would amount to $1.74 which would not meet current cash handling requirements) and some fares have been increased at a higher percentage than 2.5% as the result of a pricing review designed to align with the increasing costs of public transport.

How much are child bus fares increasing by?

There will be no increase to inner city child fares or stage one child fares. Child fares from stage 2 to stage 7 will increase by 10c. Stage 8 child fares will increase by 20c. There will also be no increase to stage 1 ten trip child passes, all other stage ten trip passes will increase by approximately 2-3%.

Fullers defends its increases




  1. GJA says:

    Why increase the fares, all Veolia needs to do is collect all the fares. Once again ther weren’t enough Veolia staff on the 17:12 Eastern Line tonight, the first time somebody started asking for tickets in my carriage was AFTER Glen Innes, so the missed out on all the stage 1 and 2 fares in our carriage, not sure about the other carriages.

    Can these people not plan or think outside the square? What about other methods to collect fares, why should I with my monthly ticket carry the other passengers?

    I can’t wait for Integrated Ticketing.

  2. GJA says:

    Further to my comment last night, once again no Fares were collected on the 17:12 Eastern Line. I got off at Panmure and no operators were in sight during the trip - only when we stopped at Panmure could I see 2 Veolia staff members on a train with 4 carriages that was PACKED. How much revenue has been lost??


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