Manukau Rail Opens July


The Manukau train station and the opening of the Manukau line is on schedule to be opened in July of next year soon after tracking and signalling are finished.
But it will be the end of the following year, before the station entrance is fully completed in conjunction with the adjourning new Manukau Institute of Technology campus.
The latest timetable  for construction is:

  • Station box completed early 2010
  • Kiwirail base case station ready by end Oct 2010
  • Kiwirail signalling and track complete July 2011
  • ARTA platform enhancements complete by July 2011
  • Initial station opening & service commencement by July 2011
  • Full completion of station entrance in co-ordination with MIT expected by end of 2012.

Stage one of the planned tertiary campus being developed by Manukau Institute of Technology should be open to its first students in 2012.

The station and campus building, with 10,000 square metres of floor space, will cater initially for 1500 full time equivalent students. The campus is planned to eventually cover a three hectare area and have 25,000 students.
NZTA is sharing in the funding of the station.

The Manukau station will be part of a transport interchange designed so that passengers can easily transfer between trains and buses. An escalator from the station will connect with a covered bus interchange on Davies Avenue, with capacity for eight bus bays.

The interchange will be the main hub for most of the bus services in the south of the Auckland region.

The 2km new Manukau rail line will link Manukau City Centre with the Southern Line at Puhinui. It will run alongside the new SH20 motorway extension and will be mostly double-tracked to achieve convenient and frequent services. A six metre deep, 300m- long rail trench immediately west of Davies Avenue in Manukau City Centre will house two 180m-long platforms and the station.

The rail trench is right alongside the SH20 extension

Design and construction of the Manukau rail link and Manukau rail station is a joint project between KiwiRail, the Auckland Regional Transport Authority and the Manukau City Council.




  1. rtc says:

    The station reminds me of New Lynn, it’s great how we are slowly getting a series of bus to train junctions such that people don’t need to rely on a bus all the way to the CBD.

  2. Anon says:

    Seeing this as Auckland’s busiest station (except Britomart of course), this needs to be double tracked and the Southern Link really needs to put in at some point.


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