Pics: ChCh Twisted Tracks


Latest update Rail damage no more than $2m

Rail infrastructure took a battering in the weekend Canterbury quake and the aftershocks require regular checking of lines.

Rail is being asked to move additional freight into the South Island to assist with the distribution of fast moving consumer goods.

Take a look at these lines.

Latest update here
Christchurch Google Earth quake map




  1. Joust says:

    Wow. Amazing images

  2. karl says:

    Should be relatively easy to fix, though, wouldn’t it? Repairing a warped and cracked road seems to me to be a greater hassle than re-tamping the gravel and laying replacement rails. That’s assuming you have a machine at hand, of course.

  3. Anthony M says:

    still a bit of a hold up though, and some train services will be packed!

  4. Matthew says:

    Ah that second photo looks like a few hundred mm of settlement - a bit more work than just some tamping on that I think

  5. anthony says:

    reminds me of the images of the edgecumbe earthquake!!


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