Brown: “I Have Healthy Lead”


Len Brown says he considers he has a “healthy lead” in the Auckland supermayor race but is “not taking anything for granted.”

In fact while the small online poll does show he is polling 9% ahead of John Banks in the race for the Auckland super city mayoralty, the figure the candidates should be looking at is the one that shows 36% of the voters said they are undecided.

Even worse, 9% that bothered to take part in the poll say they won’t vote for any of the 23 official mayoral candidates!

So if that’s the case, the big issue will be apathy and candidate choice dissatisfaction out there . And people will have to be persuaded to post back their real votes (why can’t we have online voting?)

This is  an HorizonPoll survey of 500 super city voters (August 23-26, 2010) which shows Brown has 28% of decided voters, Banks 19%.

Current North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams currently polls just 1%, while Simon Prast and Colin Craig each have 2%. Among those who say they are likely to or will actually vote, Brown’s lead rises to 11%. He polls 34% of the people most likely to vote, Banks 23%.




  1. karl says:

    “why can’t we have online voting?”

    Because when banks can’t keep our accounts away from hackers, and social networking services can’t keep our personal data out of the hands of advertisers, we’d better not trust our democracy and our right to a fair and secret vote to a process which can only be verified by a few geeks in the employ of whoever gets to build the online voting system?

    I have no faith in eVoting, and I think that if someone’s too bloody lazy to post a voting envelope, why should we care about their wishes for the city?


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