NZTA: Don’t Drive From Sat Night


NZTA officials are warning today that Aucklanders must definitely not drive after 5pm Saturday “unless they really have to.”
They say ARTA’s offer of free trains during the 36 hours work is being done on the Newmarket Viaduct gives those who have to travel another alternative.
NZTA’s Tommy Parker says polling suggests 83% of Aucklanders have heard about the closure.
“If the great majority of people don’t drive, it will ensure Auckland’s roads remain viable for emergency services and those for whom travel is absolutely essential.”
The stretch of motorway being closed across the Newmarket Viaduct normally accommodates over 60,000 vehicles on Sunday alone.
“If normal traffic volumes are maintained, and people use their cars as usual, severe congestion will quickly build up throughout the region.”
The closure is from 5pm Saturday with the motorway re-opening from first thing Monday morning.
That closure southbound, is between Gillies Ave and Greenlane for a period of up to 36 hours. That means the motorway will remain closed, southbound, throughout Sunday. When the motorway reopens in time for Monday morning, southbound traffic will travel across the first half of the new Newmarket Viaduct.




  1. Geoff says:

    I’ll be driving into Newmarket and the CBD on Sunday, since ARTA don’t think the issue is bad enough to warrant running trains on the Western Line.

  2. karl says:

    So you’ll take advantage of the free on-road parking available then? And I mean ON-road ;-)


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