Bob Harvey Pick Good Move


It’s good to see Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey get a place in the new Auckland local body scheme as chair of the waterfront agency.

As the creator of Waitakere’s eco-city, that key appointment by the government can only be good for the city.

The chair of the transition agency, Mark Ford, has by all accounts done an excellent job steering the ship through the crazy transition stage so at least knows the ropes for his new job as chair of Auckland Transport.

Interesting to see the ARTA chair Rabin Rabindran is on the Auckland Transport board which provides some continuity.

Auckland Transport’s directors will earn $52,500 its deputy chair will earn $66,625 and the chair $105,000 per annum.

Auckland Transport board appointees are:

Chair: Mark Ford BA
Currently Executive Chair of the Auckland Transition Agency, Mr Ford’s previous roles include Chief Executive of Watercare Services Ltd, Chair of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Chief Executive of Auckland Regional Services Trust, Chair of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, Chief Executive of New Zealand Forestry Corporation and member of the Board of Ports of Auckland Ltd. He will hold the position of Chair for a period of one year.

Deputy Chair: Philippa Dunphy BHortSci, CFA
Ms Dunphy is Chair of the New Zealand Clearing and Depository Corporation Limited, as well as a Director of New Zealand Post, the Accident Compensation Corporation and Mint Asset Management, and a selection committee member for the New Zealand Super Fund. She was previously Executive Director, Investment Banking and Head of Debt Capital for Goldman Sachs JB Were and Head of Capital and Risk Management, Wholesale Financial Services at the Bank of New Zealand. She will hold the position of Deputy Chair for a period of three years.

Rabin Rabindran LLB, MA
A barrister and legal consultant, Mr Rabindran is currently Chair of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority and Chair of the Rugby World Cup Transport Forum. He is also a Director of Manukau Water Ltd, New Zealand Liaoning International Investment & Development Company Ltd, Tomorrow’s Manukau Properties Ltd and TMPL (Flat Bush) Ltd. He is the Singapore Chapter Chair on the ASEAN New Zealand Combined Business Council and a Trustee of the Chinese Language Foundation. He will hold the position of Director for a period of one year.

Dr Ian Parton BE (Hons) PhD (Engineering)
Dr Parton is a professional Director following a career in consulting engineering, including 15 years as Managing Director of Meritec/Worley Group and five years as Chair of Maunsell. Presently Interim Chief Executive of Watercare Services, Dr Parton also serves as an Independent Director of VT Fitzroy and Industrial Research Limited. He will hold the position of Director for a period of two years.

Paul Lockey BCom, MBA
Mr Lockey spent most of his earlier career with Lion Nathan Limited, including roles as Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer. He has broad governance experience, having served on a number of subsidiary Boards for Lion Nathan, as well as the Board of the Enterprise New Zealand Trust. He will hold the position of Director for a period of two years. 

The interim CEO of Auckland Transport was named a few weeks ago as 60-year-old Dr David Warburton  currently the chief executive for Australia and New Zealand of infrastructure and consulting company CPG, part of Downer EDI.




  1. rtc says:

    Considering how low those salaries listed in the Herald article are I don’t expect very talented people to be working at the new council.

  2. Matt L says:

    While I don’t know what Mark Fords stance on PT is, it is interesting that he gets a plumb job as the chairman of the biggest CCO. I assmume this is a “thanks for your help” thing.

  3. karl says:

    Well, as someone said - 105,000 is actually not that much money. Unless of course it isn’t defined as a fulltime job.

  4. Matt L says:

    Karl, these are directors so it isn’t usually a full time job and often directors have more than one directorship.

    As for Mark Ford, one positive is he used to chair ARTA so knows what is happening with transport. Here is an interesting opinion piece of his from 2008.

  5. rtc says:

    The 105,000 for Mark Ford is the highest salary too, most were in the 40-50,000 range, you’d need at least 3 of these jobs to be taking home a reasonable salary.

  6. rtc says:

    From reading that opinion article I wonder why Mark Ford didn’t get the chair for the next 3 years, instead of the other guy who doesn’t seem to have any transort experience taking over.

  7. karl says:

    “you’d need at least 3 of these jobs to be taking home a reasonable salary.”

    So your definition of a reasonable salary starts at 120,000??? Poor me, then ;-) And no wonder why Kiwis are leaving!

    I think a lot of people would quite happily live on 40,000, some even with a family to support.

  8. Harry says:

    Wonder why Rabin Rabindrim only gets one year?


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