On Track For Electric


While some of us got drenched trying to walk or cycle the new 1.5km southbound Newmarket viaduct structure, thanks to the sudden heavy rain outbursts, rail workers ploughed on through it all to take advantage of a weekend without most Auckland trains.

There were 2 main objects this weekend - commissioning the signals for the Onehunga line and pre-electrification track area work.

Here’s a look at some of the work:

Signal work near the Mt Smart stadium corner

Penrose 3- the Onehunga platform

Mt Eden tracks

Mt Eden platforms

Morningside station



Kingsland tracks





  1. James B says:

    They were hard at work near Charles Street in Mt Eden this weekend. Although they were having a smoko when I drove past Morningside.

  2. George D says:


  3. Carl says:

    Jon: any idea as to if there is any work on the Southern line, Pukekohe area? never seems to be any news, if you can ever find any would be great?

    apparently its part of the so called super city… so should they be getting some upgrades to? or are we just going to miss out again?


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