Photo: Onehunga Trains Return


The train horns could be heard far up Onehunga Mall beyond Arthur St as could the rumble of a train.
Shoppers looked at each other in amazement.
The Onehunga commuter train service heralds the return of the line last used for commuter trains in 1973.
But it doesn’t re-open for service until September 19, the day after an official opening.
But there was no mistaking the noise.
And there she was.
KiwiRail were testing out a train this afternoon arriving at the new platform and then backing out as engineers checked the operation.
Despite a shaky political start and earlier speculation among some public transport advocates it wouldn’t happen this year, let’s rejoice! The platform is ready and the trains have been arriving!
Here are photos of this afternoon’s testing.

Videos of the event are here and photos of today’s landscaping at the platform and station can be seen here




  1. joust says:

    excellent. can’t wait to start using them.

  2. Geoff says:

    DC’s 4029 & 4260 were down there last week, then DC 4536 with an SA set on Monday, an ADL on Tuesday, and now DFB 7158 & DC 4041 on Wednesday. Now we just need to see a DXB down there!


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