New Lynn Close


With our focus on Onehunga, it’s easy to forget the New Lynn transport hub is in within a whisker of being finished.

The finishing touches are being put to the bus complex.

Here’s how it looks this afternoon:




  1. patrick says:

    Thanks for the photos.
    I really do hope that the media take some notice of the completion of this impressive piece of infrustructure.

  2. Kel says:

    Nice development. It’s great to see Auckland really starting to take shape. This type of infrastructure is also really great to see in a city of only 1.4 million! Just more densification and low to high-rise buildings around it and Auckland will start to look like much larger cities in Asia.

  3. Anthony M says:

    Im impressed with it. I cant believe some people say it would never work.

  4. Chris S says:

    Nice work. Hopefully this continues at other stations such as Pukekohe.

  5. DanC says:

    Looks very good. I’d like to see NZ Herald do an article on it.

  6. Matt L says:

    I continue maintain that while ARTA may have some faults, good well designed stations isn’t one of them. They seem to have done a good job here and made a real landmark. We can proudly add this station to the likes of Newmarket and Grafton.

  7. karl says:

    “great to see in a city of only 1.4 million!”

    Uhhhm, why this constant insistence that we are a small, poor country/city? We have enough money to either use or waste on projects that can be grandiose successes or grandiose failures.

  8. kelvin says:

    Kel - I thought myself, that Auckland resembles some of the western Asian cities like Singapore.

    I was hoping that the yellow pipe structures would be taken out.
    But still, looking good otherwise, pity it will probably be tagged and scratched to oblivion in no time by the taggers!

  9. Kel says:

    @ Karl

    “great to see in a city of only 1.4 million!”

    “Uhhhm, why this constant insistence that we are a small, poor country/city?”

    In reply to your silly comment, you should know that generally speaking, across Asia (in which I was referring to) cities with a population of 1.4 million are rather lacking in good quality designs and infrastructure - except for Japan, which happens to be very densely populated and its cities of 1.4 million tend to be part of metro areas of several million.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with NZ being to a small and poor place. If you used your head you would actually realise it was a comment which infers quite the opposite, as maybe Kelvin has pointed out. Auckland is doing very well in this aspect as my previous comment “It’s great to see Auckland really starting to take shape” sums up.

  10. Chris S says:

    Don’t worry Kel, I understand what you’re saying. You have to read the two sentences together, to understand the second one.

  11. Urban Local says:

    The yellow pipe structures make it look great! Hopefully the station will be so well used that taggers / scratchers will not have an chance.

  12. karl says:


    I’ll take your clarification as to what you wanted to say - but I am rather surprised that you felt the need to make it into a rant and a personal attack, calling me stupid twice in your post.

    And I remain of the opinion that a station like New Lynn is not a particularly sky-high achievement for a 1.4 million urban area. A great thing, sure. But Auckland / NZ has done much greater things, much more expensive things - just not recently in rail.


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