Crazy Weekend Ahead: Details


It’s going to be a crazy weekend ahead.

You can walk and cycle on parts of the new Manukau and Newmarket motorway developments - but won’t be able to catch a train on the Southern and Western Lines.

Here’s the lowdown:

Saturday: Open day on the eastbound motorway lanes to celebrate the completion of the SH20-1 Manukau Extension project. Pedestrians can walk the lanes between 10am and 1pm, cyclists between 1pm and 2pm.

Entry and exit will be via the eastbound on-ramp at Cavendish Drive. Cyclists can use the full length of the lanes between Cavendish Drive and the SH1 interchange. The last access will be at 1.30pm.

The SH20 southbound lanes open to traffic on the Sunday.

On Sunday, you can walk and cycle across a new 690m southbound carriageway, part of the Newmarket Viaduct project.

You can walk between 9am and 2pm and cycle between 2.45pm  & 3.30pm.

You have to enter at the project visitor centre at 5B Mahuru St, Newmarket, near the south end of viaduct.

There will be a gold coin charity donation and good walking shoes are recommended for both.

All weekend, railbuses will replace trains - and for a change, Southern as well as Western lines are affected as work is done to prepare for electrification including platform extensions and signalling for the opening of the Onehunga line.

Rail buses replace: Southern line Otahuhu to Britomart  (via Newmarket) on Saturday and Sunday

Western line Waitakere to Britomart on Saturday, Henderson to Britomart on Sunday

Details of the timetable and buses are here




  1. LarryH says:

    Was looking forward to tossing the bike onto the train this weekend to get down to the open days, but then realised they had timed them to match a Rail Bus weekend.

  2. Joshua says:

    LarryH - I don’t think they have much choice, the Motorway Walk-overs must happen this weekend in order for them to switch traffic and continue construction activities, also ARTA need to do these adjustments to meet their schedule for electrification, remembering it is out of the Question for next weekend because of the big switch. I haven’t seen ARTA’s program but am giving them the benefit of the doubt, that this needs to happen this weekend.

  3. karl says:

    Fair point, no trains. Meh. Might have to put bike in car if I am not keen on going all the way down south…

  4. sabuthai2010 says:

    Be pround in my country don’t have good transportation system like your country :) but it will come I hope :)

  5. Vin says:

    Having seen the Herald photos of this event, I am again left with the question why do people, in large numbers, attend these walks on motorways. They are not asthetically pleasing, generally don’t take in spectacular views and rarely feature amazing feats of engineering. My only conclusion is that we as people are, maybe only at a subconscious level, revelling in an opportunity to regain our freedom to roam, to be mightier than the car once more.
    Lets have more living streets for people not cars.

  6. karl says:

    Actually, some of the engeneering works are nice - but I agree, the freedom of having such a big space to walk and cycle in is part of it.


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