Kapiti Expressway Opposition


Wellington’s Kapiti expressway debate is hotting up with a three-hour  public meeting attended by 300 people and Labour calling on it to be a local election issue next issue over stopping the project.

The Greens also told the meeting protests could stop the project.

Labour transport spokesman, MP Darren Hughes told the meeting last night that voting by Kapiti Coast voters in next year’s general election could effectively become a referendum about stopping the proposed expressway, which he described as an “autobahn”.

“It is reassuring that people haven’t let go of this issue. This has come out of a shock and awe campaign in which the community has been treated shoddily. We have to fight like hell against this, ” he told the meeting, which was arranged by local group, the Alliance for Sustainable Kapiti.

Greens’ transport spokesman, Gareth Hughes,  said that the decision to relocate a motorway-sized State Highway through the middle of the Kapiti Coast was a case of “NZTA doing what they’ve been told to do by the Minister”.

“The challenge for everyone here, and the issue needing leadership from local government on, is how do we convince NZTA they’ve made a mistake. What we’re seeing is a 1940s approach. We can stop this - take heart.”

Regional councillor Judith Aitken stated her personal view that the option as proposed will cut people in Kapiti’s communities off from each other. She said that NZTA had “no right to do this to this community when there are other practical alternatives,” adding that she did not see that the current option is capable of amelioration or mitigation.

“This is a proposal that does not have us in mind. What I have picked up is that there is a genuine sense of confusion and lack of comprehension at the scale of what happened when this was rushed through in 2009. It has created a real sense of the government betraying the community. There is more to prosperity than the profitability of the trucking industry.”

Regional councillor Nigel Wilson stated his personal view that the expressway, as proposed, is “demonstrably not in the local interest”. He said that figures promoted from consultation conducted by NZTA had been “monkeyed around with and very badly misrepresented.”




  1. anthony says:

    honestly, i don’t see the point of trying to stop them. accidents and congestions is considered normal on that small strech I don’t mind the jams, but i do mind the accidents, the expressway needs to be built.

  2. Brent C says:

    Accidents can be prevented by any means of improvements. New roads often lead to worse accidents up the line, more traffic on the roads wont improve the accident rate!

  3. Kel says:

    I can’t see the problem with an expressway. What’s the harm in being able to commute to Wellington faster? Obviously the economic benefits are there. I gets depressing seeing these people fighting against everything that makes sense and holding us all back… I wish they’d devote their time to things of use!

  4. Anthony M says:

    ditto to Kel!

  5. karl says:

    Kel, Athony - is the expressway outside your house? Anyone has the right to fight something that intrusive - its democracy, and more to the point, without such resistance, we get shoddy outcomes. Only if politicians and planners are watched by an outspoken public are the real effects of such schemes really assessed.

  6. Matt O says:

    The weird thing is that even though they have said where this ‘is’ going they cant tell us what the design is or where the interchanges will be. It is going to slice a community literally in halve and is not what the community wants. The existing road can be upgraded and changed for less with a much smaller local bridge between Paraparaumu and Waikanae making much more sense whilst saving millions of dollars.
    I am all for advancements and making great progress, keeping traffic flowing better etc, but this one is a killer. Fight it through the courts and make it an election year issue. I (an avid National voter) would change my vote in order to have the current plan scrapped.

  7. Anthony M says:

    I live next to State Highway One North of Timaru right next to a truck stop where trucks have thier headlights on full beam, shining right into my room about 5 times a night. sure it took a while to get used to, but i simply bought thicker dark coloured curtains, as for the noise, well, i lived on SH1 for 17 years and it is called double-glazing.

  8. Courtney says:

    People are getting upset at this idea because its risking the safety of an entire community.. or at least one.. perhaps 2-3.. homes are in the line of this expressway, a very popular holiday park most likely will be affected by this expressway.. which happens to be the heart of Waikanae. Children’s safety will be put at risk as they attempt to get to school because of the expressway… all the kapiti coast community are asking for is to be to relocated.. to work for the government and the community here.. is that too much to ask for?

  9. Scott says:

    We need a resounding community vote for counsellors who can stop this expressway, and removing those who accept it. The it the first step to getting the National Government to listen.

    I’m all for progress, and fast as possible transport to Wellington. But a new 4 land motorway routed through unstable sandhills, past people’s back yards, and through the middle of several existing communities is just not OK. Even if it is touted as being cheaper.

    The existing state highway route was chosen as the best route many years ago for good reason. It is on stable ground, houses and homes are well back from it, people near it have been near it for ever, and it is good to be closer to the rail for reasons of other local transport links. Sure, we are told it will cost more to improve it and soundproof it to the required standard, but any extra cost is worthwhile, over then next 20, 40, 100, 200 years.

    Send a message to the National Government - do not vote for candidates who do not actively resist the sandhills motorway.


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