Wgtn Rail Rap


A group of Wellington law students and graduates has created a You Tube clip about Wellington’s rail service and current level of service!




  1. George D says:

    Oh, that’s hilarious! Everything in it is at least partly true. Awwww clip…

    You’ve seen the original it’s based on? “I’m on a Boat!”.

  2. Anthony M says:

    absolutely fantastic!!!

    I wish Kiwirail’s CEO can see this.

  3. Hana says:

    Oh I’m sure the CEO will catch wind of this. Hope it makes it to mainstream media e.g. One News!

  4. joust says:

    haha, very well done.

  5. Herc says:

    It’s funny, but it actually gives an accurate day in the life of taking the Wellington trains. You never know when the train will just sit there, car drivers laughing as they whiz by.


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