Power Boost


An important piece of Auckland infrastructure opens tomorrow, one that hopefully will save us from another embarrassing power cut.
Transpower’s second substation at Otahuhu will be opened by the prime minister. The $100 million project provides greater diversity of power supply to the Auckland and Northland regions and was brought forward following the outage at the Otahuhu substation in 2006.

The project has involved the construction of a new 220 kV substation, physically separate from the existing Otahuhu substation. The Otahuhu substation is a critical node in Transpower’s network - a third of New Zealand’s power supply and nearly all of Auckland and Northland’s power is currently supplied through this one site. This new substation is a combination of gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and an outdoor switchyard.

Transpower Chief Executive Patrick Strange said this project, in addition to a number of other transmission projects including the underground cable circuit between Pakuranga and Albany, and the new line into Pakuranga from the south, will “help ensure Auckland has a secure supply of electricity going into the future.”

The Otahuhu project is the first of around $1.7 billion worth of transmission projects Transpower has underway to reinforce its network into and across Auckland.





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