Tree Fouls Wgtn Trains Tonight (Update)


It hasn’t been a good run for Wellington’s Tranz Metro services and tonight commuters need to brace for lengthy delays until 6.30pm.

Trains had a reduced timetable for four hours until 2pm today so staff could attend an annual meeting.

This was not great timing as yesterday when signalling for the new Matangi electric trains didn’t go according to plan over the weekend, train services were replaced for hours with buses.

Now there are going to be delays to tonight’s busy peak time services.

Those delays will be up to 40 minutes.

This time it’s because of a tree!

The delays tonight are due to a tree fouling the overhead wire north of Pukerua Bay Station which will cause delays to southern services amd likely for northern services as well.

The tree was cleared by 6 and power restored but delays are still around 40 minutes, southbound and 25 mins northbound until about 6.30p.m.

There have already been cancellations.

The 5:45pm service ex Wellington is not operating. However the 5:50pm service to Plimmerton is operating and buses have been arranged to shuttle passengers between Plimmerton and Paraparaumu.




  1. joust says:

    wow, it doesn’t take much! I hope a throrough job will be done on checking the rail corridors in AKL for trees that could reach up to interfere with overhead wiring. We haven’t really needed to bother before.

  2. Cierat says:

    Lucky I’m taking the car to and from work this week but a little more care and the right people with the right attitude and experience doing the job and this would never have happened. These kinds of things happen with such regularity that obviously luck has nothing to do with it!!!!

  3. Bryan says:

    Poor Wellingtown……………If it not the southerlies its something else…..


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