Stopping Onehunga Tagging


The graffiti busters were at the new Onehunga station this afternoon to try to prevent further tagging of the shiny new platforms at Onehunga Mall.

Already sections of the platform have been tagged.

Installation of CCTV, help points, signage, handrails and landscaping is pretty much done.
Vegetation along the northern boundary (Princes St) has been trimmed and tidied and new planting done near the ramps and pedestrian entrances.

The train buffer has been installed.

Glazing for the shelters is being installed.
The perimeter fence is being repaired.
The temporary park and ride area at the northern part of the site has been levelled and is hoped to be operating by the day trains commence on September 19.

Some work trains are starting to use the revived Onehunga train line as new signalling equipment is tested and train drivers are familiarised with the route.

Work continues around the 8 level crossings where there are new alarm strands and pedestrian mazes.

Enthusiast Geoff caught sight of the first test train into Onehunga yesterday afternoon.




  1. joust says:

    Wow, what a sight at long last. Thanks Geoff and Jon C.

  2. patrick says:

    And the rest of the network!!!

  3. George D says:

    Toot! Warms my little heart.

  4. Carl says:

    Guys please a few questions…

    I’m guessing as the buffer is there, this is the start of a ‘line’ y/n?

    where does this line hook into ( can some get a line map or like any aerial view please )

    where the buffer is in future will this line push further…

    what is the car park dubbed as temp…… is something else happening to it?

    I’m guessing its not going to be sealed then?

  5. rtc says:

    @Carl - the line hooks into the NIMT at Penrose - have a look at Google Earth of the area you can see the line there.

    The platforms will be extended in the future to where the buffer is.

    The Airport line would curve off to the left of where the buffer is.

    The carpark is temporary but will be sealed because at some point in the future it will be redveloped into some sort of TOD - but this is likely to be severeal years down the road.


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