Trains To Test Onehunga Line


Some work trains will start using the revived Onehunga train line in the next few weeks as new signalling equipment is tested and train drivers are familiarised with the route.
Onehunga’s service opens September 18 and commuter services a day later.
The platforms at Onehunga Mall are in place for the start of the service, the train buffer ready and level crossings along the route are being equipped with barrier arms, lights and bells and pedestrian mazes.
The covers over the signals will come off as the trains have a test run.

Platforms at Te Papapa and Penrose (official name Penrose 3) are pretty much there.

Penros3 - pity about the graffiti

There are eight level crossings in all.

Te Papapa

KiwiRail will start running campaigns to warn locals - motorists and pedestrians- to watch out for trains, which they are not used to encountering in the area.




  1. Ian M says:

    I noticed that the Onehunga station now has even more tagging. Why should we have to put up with this

  2. Carl says:

    Jon - can i ask the first picture… what is to stop kiwi rail or whatever from putting in a small wall to possible stop vibration and noise from the track?

    My concern is the vibration mainly…. as I’m guessing these are the annoying flats/units that have been in discussion?

  3. DanC says:

    I reckon that at some stage when rail outgrows it’s current layout those flats will go and the South down / Avondale line will go in. Onehunga line looks great, it’s going to be a real asset. I do hope the graffiti is sorted for the opening day.

  4. Jon C says:

    @Carl The issues related to the apartments at 35 Princes St have long been the subject of discussions and holdups and the noise issue has been canvassed.
    Consent was finally granted, subject to the rail line within the new designation being no closer than 14 metres from the apartment building.
    There have been further issues concerning the apartment block involving a pedestrian access ramp from Princes Street to the platform which will run close to the north western side of the building.
    That explains why the eastern end of platform is a further 10 metres from the closest corner of the apartment building.
    Read more

    They are still talking to officials about dwellers continue to raise issues about the loss of privacy because of the park and ride in front of them and also are worrying about potential graffiti .

  5. Carl says:

    well i think they should be leveled, they look like shit, and that one that is right next to the tracks, looks like a windowless box… why in there right mind would live in something as shit as that?

    if they are worried about crossings, why don’t they use the automatic gate system.

    over here where there are level walking crossing, at a 400meter mark the train trips a switch and the walking gates close in both directions. your perfectly safe if your in the middle and once the train has passed, it opens up.

    quite simple really, if your stupid enough to try and jump the gate/fence, then you deserve to be hit by the train.

  6. Joshua says:

    A wall wouldn’t really stop vibrations unless you were to build a expensive concrete wall, with a deep foundation, Noise walls could potentially be built easily enough, a normal wooden fence noise wall that is.

    I wouldn’t go around suggesting the expensive concrete wall version, as this would just cause more delays to opening the rail line.

  7. Geoff says:

    @ Carl, all the crossings on the line will have barriers as you describe. But that doesn’t mean a public rail safety campaign isn’t needed. This railway hasn’t been used properly for 20 odd years, so people living, working, driving and walking around the railway will need to start being a lot more careful.

    Regarding the apartments, they are actually quite nice, but you can’t see their frontage in these photos. You are only seeing the back of the few that happen to be beside the railway.

    The designation for the Southdown-Avondale Line doesn’t run through here. It crosses Onehunga Mall further up the hill at 302 Onehunga Mall.

  8. Richard says:

    If the flat dwellers are concerned about tagging they could solve the problem by watching for the offenders and photograph them for the police. Also a quick paint out and they get fed up.

  9. karl says:

    It is a bit surprising how much aggro those apartments get. Most people who decry them have apparently never been there, and just seem to see them as a barrier to their beloved trains.

    Remember that they aren’t on the rail designation, they are simply built on adjoining lots, and it is their democratic right to try and get the best deal for themselves when something significant changes nearby which affects them.

    As for the graffiti, why would the contractor fix it up now? It will be fixed up shortly before the handover to Ontrack.


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