Onehunga Update


The temporary park and ride for the new Onehunga station should now be ready in time for the station’s opening.
it is being built north of the platforms and the land has now been cleared for it.
Previously it was thought it would not open until sometime after the station opens.

ARTA has now agreed to fund it and a resource consent has been lodged for it.
The official opening of the station has now been confirmed as being on Saturday September 18 and will feature a steam train coming into the station bringing special guests. Commuters will be able to use it the following day.
Tidy up work continues. Vegetation along the northern boundary at Princes St has been trimmed and tidied and a contract let to repair the perimeter fence.
The plan is to have historic images of Onehunga and the former station placed on the boundary fence and along access to the platform - in similar form to what we see at Grafton.
The adjourning apartment dwellers continue to raise issues about the loss of privacy because of the park and ride in front of them and also are worrying about potential graffiti - of which the first signs have already appeared.
ARTA is also investigating a range of options on how the 55m long platform can be lengthened sometime in the future.
ARTA is working with the Auckland City Council and bus operators on rerouting some services via the Onehuga station so that bus stops and shelters are adjacent to the station plaza and across Onehunga Mall.
But there is a problem - the roundabout intersection at Princes/ Onehunga Mall.
Work is being done whether that can removed and levelled and how much that would cost because of the need for buses to easily turn that corner.




  1. George D says:

    Awesome. I’m so happy for the little township I know and love so well.

  2. rtc says:

    Amazing that 10 million or whatever it cost to open the station has produced time saving benefits - real benefits that exist now and will stay - of 25 minutes c.f. travelling on a bus. Name one motorway project that costs so little and has such a dramatic abilty to improve accessibility.

  3. karl says:

    Hey, a Dominion Road motorway would do the same for a year or two ;-)

  4. George D says:

    The Dominion Road Motorway and Manukau Road Motorway are crucial to completing Auckland’s transport.

  5. karl says:

    Don’t forget the ladder. Onehunga-Ellerslie-Panmure commuters should not be forced to use local roads, or worse, trains. We should allow them to travel along that route on huge new elevated highways, so we can have bucolic little Kiwi quarter-acre houses underneath in the newly provided shade. Shade is good in summer.

  6. rtc says:

    None of these proopsals whilst indeed important and sounding great cost only 10 million! :-)

  7. karl says:

    You are right rtc. Indeed we must spend more than that on roads. Otherwise we would not be true to Auckland’s heritage ;-)


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