New Bus Lane Markers Trialled


Auckland City Council today launched its month-long trial of new signs and markers around bus lanes.
This follows weeks of media attack on the number of people being fined for turning left from a bus lane but not meeting the 50m- odd requirement before doing so.

The council issued few details about its markers or where they will be other than saying at any one time the trial will operate at up to four bus lanes around Auckland, using a mix of new signs and road markers.
The Symonds St area is one that has been the subject of much of the criticism.
The council says additional cameras will monitor the impact that each of the new measures has on driver compliance.

Resulting data will be analysed and reported to the September meeting of the council’s Transport Committee.




  1. karl says:

    Good on them. It should be relatively easy - though I hope they choose markings, rather than (even more) signs.

  2. sj says:

    What the hell? The bus lanes on Symonds St already have dashed lines instead of solid lines at points where you’re allowed to use them for turning! People just want to be able to drive in bus lanes whenever they want, without getting fined…

  3. karl says:

    A more conspicious marker would be useful though I guess. If for no other reason that to deflate the whole discussion which is seriously mingling up general anti-bus lane feelings and increasing them by conflating them with the perception that Council is just revenue gathering.

    Whether one agrees with that or not (I think it is a voluntary tax, so people should just shut up) - for the sake of public transport this needs to quiten down.


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