Views Hot On Puhoi Project


There’s been no shortage of public feedback on the Puhoi to Wellsford road plan.
NZTA has had more than 200 written responses about it so far.
And more than 300 people turned up to community and stakeholder meetings in northern Rodney.
So NZTA will extend its deadline for consultation by one more week to close on August 2.
The public is being asked for its views on the strategic principles for the development of the new highway before the preferred route for the new highway is confirmed.

The NZTA is seeking feedback from the community on any local issues that may influence the design of the route.

At the end of this phase of consultation, the project team will consider all the submissions - interviews, meetings, phone calls and the written and web-based feedback – and use the feedback in conjunction with technical studies to develop a preferred option for the route of the new highway.

The NZTA plans to start the next round of consultation - on the preferred route option - before Christmas.




  1. jarbury says:

    Post your online feedback here:

    My feedback in a nutshell: can the stupid project.

  2. i live in wyllie road it only takes me 15 to 20 minits to get to Puhoi so why are we going to carve up our land and put this shit in a place that does not need it i drive to auckland every weekday so i know what we realy need just more passing lanes in places like hills better briges and a road one or two k from warkworth buy passing warkworth not a whole new road just a better safer one


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