Council Reviews Bus Lane Policy


An Auckland City Council’s transport committee meeting in September will consider the contentious issue of motorists using bus lanes when turning left.

In the wake of the debate about whether the council is over-policing the ban on moving into the lane before 50m, the committee will “consider additional options to help drivers better understand bus lanes.”

Council officers will present a report to the committee’s September 2 meeting, outlining existing busway enforcement and notification procedures, as well as “options for additional road signs or markings.”

The council’s transport general manager, Penny Pirrit, says the report will provide councillors with a timely review of issues surrounding bus lanes.

“The national Road User Rule around cars not travelling in bus lanes for more than 50 metres was introduced by NZTA last November, so it is a good time to review how we are enforcing and promoting the rule.”

“Moving forward, the council is committed to help keep public transport moving, and our approach is consistent with regional transport strategies to ensure buses get unimpeded use of the bus lanes.”

Hmmm. Must be election year.




  1. karl says:

    Good thing it IS an NZTA rule.

  2. Mike says:

    The councils standard method of enforcement is to setup a camera mounted on a tripod which is deployed on the footpath. Under councils own rules this comes under the working on the roads rules. If this tripod was a surveyors tripod there would be a requirement at the very minimum to wear a high vis vest possibly signage and cones around the tripod to protect pedestrians. How can council enforce one rule when not complying with basic health & safety rules themselves?

  3. karl says:

    Strawman much?


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