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Wellington view: Mike Lee’s legacy to the RWC will be a tin-pot railway station at Kingsland across the road from cup headquarters at Eden Park… He and his ARC cronies should be marched down to the derelict shed on Queens Wharf they so treasure, handed a warm beer and told to crowd around a 14-inch TV in the corner of the leaking eyesore. More

Wishful thinking: Party Central could be transferred top Wellington, or even Christchurch More

Lost in NY: New York’s Grand central Station lost and found (Hat-toip Anthony) More

Melbourne Train Upgrade (Maybe): Victoria’s premier John Brumby has detailed the routes of four proposed road and rail projects ahead of November’s state election - but has money to build only one of them  More




  1. Anthony says:

    Too cool Jon C.

    actually it was about this bit:>

    Secret train station
    When FDR was president in the 1930s, the White House put a simple demand on the owners of Grand Central: protect the secrecy of Roosevelt’s polio.
    They weren’t being vague: They had a plan, and that involved the construction of a secret, fully functional train station deep below Grand Central. And so it was built. Brucker took me to see it-through doorways I’m not allowed to identify, for reasons that will soon become clear-and explained what went on, and still goes on, underneath the busiest train terminal in the U.S.

    Today, the train car is sitting on a track in the secret train station. The FDR Museum wants it back, but moving it from the tunnels below Grand Central would be an astronomically expensive task, given that it would likely need to be taken apart, piece by piece. So until the museum ponies up, it sits hidden away in New York City.
    You might think that this history would mean that Grand Central allows the public to come down to see FDR’s train car, but that’s not the case because of a more contemporary presidential responsibility.

  2. karl says:

    Nice of Wellington to tell us that we should knock historic buildings down so they can (presumably) come up here and watch Rugby in the new “glass slug”.

    Why don’t WE go down to Welly and tell them how to do stuff? Actually, I have some great plans for Oriental Parade, and I don’t even need to be down there to spout off on them and tell them to get cracking.

    I agree that Mike Lee isn’t looking good in all this. But this vitriol he is getting is just ridiculous.


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