Photos: Stairway To Eden


The lady who’s sure has plenty of stairways to rugby heaven to choose from when the Kingsland train/railway station revamp opens.
Although if she’s heading for Eden Park on July 10 for the Tri-Nations game, she is sure to be shepherded into taking one of the pathways.
Heavyweight ministers, Transport’s Steven Joyce and RWC Sports Minister Murray McCully visit the station by train on Monday to declare the extension officially open and pretend they are off to one of the RWC2011 games at Eden Park.

Now the wraps are off, here’s how the station improvements look:

Overview of Kingsland station extensions

Kingsland station underpass

Underpass entrance from the north platform

New stairs near Kingsland church end

Eden Park's new stand as it looks today




  1. jarbury says:

    Crikey they’re going to be busy between now and Monday!

  2. dsadas says:

    When you compare this station and Eden Park to Wellington station and the Caketin it makes me wonder how on earth it is going to cope with large amounts of people.

  3. martin says:

    I agree with Dsadas. Compaire this with Wembley’s or Wellington’s stations. I fear this will be a major bottle neck and possibly unsafe next year.

  4. Kurt says:

    Dsadas. They are not.

    Does the underpass go under Sandringham Road or is this still going to be a take your life into your hands crossing?

  5. Commuter says:

    Never thought I’d see it in New Zealand: a Potemkin village ( A wonderful demonstration of the hubristic vanity of this current run of politicians.

  6. joust says:

    @Kurt, @Commuter, huh?

  7. jarbury says:

    Sandringham Road gets closed on match days.

  8. Patrick Davis says:

    Re people with disabilities: how do they get in and out of that underpass? Ramps? Elevators?

    That Sandringham Rd entrance can’t tell if stairs or a ramp.

  9. rtc says:

    @Patrick - the bridge has elevators for people in wheelchairs. The far side of the tunnel has stairs up to the platform.

  10. Jon C says:

    @Kurt No. It takes people from the platform down to Sandringham Rd at the foot of the station and then they have to cross the road. The crossing between Sandringham Rd and Walters Rd has not gone in yet. But as Jarbury said, Sandringham Rd will be closed on match days and also parking is banned on numerous streets around the area as far as Morningside Rd for next Saturday’s triNaitons game.

  11. San Luca says:

    It’s not very disability friendly at all. that bridge is going to be a bottle neck on match days. try tell me it’s going to be easy getting a wheel chair over there and down the elevator on match days?
    also, what about non-match days. Does a disabled person, or anyone else, have to go 100m up the road to just cross the very busy, and often dangerous Sandringham Road?
    there needs to be a bridge right across sandringham roads, and gentle gradients rather than steps.

  12. Simon says:

    @San Luca. There will be a new set of traffic lights and therefore crossing area where everyone has been used to dodging cars.

    Guys remember only city bound trains will leave from Kingsland while west-bound trains will leave from Morningside. Kingsland is not taking the whole load.

  13. Andrew says:

    Interesting, in Photo 5, the signage above the underpass implies that it will not just be open for match events, as were were told it was going to be.

    The signage seems to fit an underpass that will be permanently open. Good!

  14. joust says:

    interesting question about the size compared to other event stations. I understand from Jon C’s previous posts that the transport plan for RWC has been put together by the same person who did them for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. The 2 main light rail (as opposed to tram at other gates) stations at gates 1&2 there are much smaller and with worse access through a small underpass. And would at peak time after the race each handle larger numbers of passengers than we’re expecting in Auckland even if they all took the train. So compared to that and based on the number of rugby fans they’re expecting on trains it looks as though Kingsland should be sufficient. At least, we’ll find out at the weekend.

  15. ingolfson says:

    “New stairs near Kingsland church end”

    What are these? I can’t make out where they lead to/from. To the northern-side platform, or to a level crossing, or…?

  16. Jon C says:

    @Ingolfson for some reason stairs have been put in at the far city end of the Brit-bound platform just before the Sandringham Rd tunnel.

  17. ingolfson says:

    So - from platform to Kingsland up? Makes sense to me - might be intended to connect around the back to the link lane?

  18. Mark Donnelly says:

    my undersatnding was the stairs too the east to the car park, are just as an emergency evacuation option.

    Locally we suggested stairs from the underpass up to the Neighbourhood bar car park - as a way of taking Kingsland pre/post drinkers away from current overbridge - and also extends the ctachement for the station a bit further up New North road for mornintg communters. ARTA weren’t interested though.


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