What Bugs Drivers


Selfish drivers with a ‘me-first’ attitude are the most common frustration to Kiwi motorists, according to a new AA Insurance survey.

And the most frustrating driver behaviour: drivers who use hand-held mobile phones to talk or text while driving despite the law change.

Drivers not paying full attention to the road were rated second in the AA Insurance Driver survey of 3,270 New Zealanders aged 18-65.

Here is the Top Ten list of frustrating driver behaviours.

1. Drivers who use hand-held mobile phones to talk or text while driving, despite the law change
2. Drivers who are not paying full attention to the road
3. Drivers who turn corners from the wrong lanes
4. Drivers who increase their speed at a passing lane so you can’t pass and/or slow down after the passing lane
5. Drivers of slow cars who don’t pull over to allow others to pass
6. Drivers who don’t use their indicators correctly (e.g. don’t indicate or continue to indicate after they need to)
7. Drivers who are not courteous while changing lanes or merging
8. Drivers who tailgate
9. Drivers who don’t give way to cyclists or motorbike riders when they should
10. Drivers who don’t dip their lights for oncoming traffic at night




  1. Greg Bodnar says:

    When the right-hand-rule law change was in the news, drivers quickly touted that any change would run against the prevailing attitude of politeness at intersections. Funny how selfish drivers are a problem all of a sudden.

    I have no love for the stereotypical kiwi driver. Any respect I once had is gone, long since chipped away by arrogance and impatience.

  2. Anthony says:

    number 4 really gets my temper flaring. it is incredible how people speeds up to 130 on the passing lanes and 90 again when the lanes merge.
    I honestly think South Island drivers are much worse than the North. thier arrogance is outstanding.

  3. patrick davis says:

    They missed one:
    Inside lane on the motorway, people up your tail even if doing 100 kph whilst passing slower vehicles! There is NO SUCH THING AS THE FAST LANE. The speed limit is 100 km/hr (+/- 10% for now)no matter which lane your in.

  4. Matt L says:

    Anthony - Its not as bad as one experience I have had, when driving up the west coast we came upon two campervans driving extreemly slow. Everytime we went to pass them they would move to sit across both lanes to block us from passing them. After an hour or more sitting behind them we managed to get past and found out the reason why, they were trying to film their journy and didn’t want cars in their shot. Bad drivers aren’t just locals.

  5. Su Yin Khoo says:

    Hmm, so people are finally admitting that motorists do drive badly and need to be more polite to other rude users now?


  6. Mike says:


    There is such a thing as the fast lane -its for vehicles doing 100km/hr not for 80 km/hr in the “Fast lane”.
    There is a rule to keep left however hardly anyone obeys this rule.I cannot understand why this rule is not enforced ?
    Having driven in England a little bit there motorways flow so much faster and safer than Aucklands.(peak hours excepted)
    I believe the main reason is that you cannot undertake you must always overtake ie go into the fast lane to pass.
    Maybe someone with more overseas motorway driving experience could elaborate.

  7. DanC says:

    @Mike, It does work very well in the UK the no undertaking rule it makes the three lanes move at different speeds. I find with NZ motorways the whole thing moves at one speed.

  8. max says:

    Well, we DO have a worse safety record too. Lot’s of things cause that. Potentially the legality of undertaking adds its own % here and there to the road toll.

  9. parsley72 says:

    Lost all respect for drivers in NZ? Try driving in some other countries for a while… China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Romania - they’re all horrendous, and that’s just from my personal experience.

  10. Kel says:

    Yeah I drive in Taiwan and the streets are chaotic with all the scooters and people running red lights, swerving, undertaking etc. However, sometimes I think that keeps people awake and focused on the roads. Driving in NZ is super boring and people go to sleep and whenever someone does something wrong, the others get pissed off. It’s like NZ driver’s just want every one to be really polite to them :P

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