Eden Park Goes Green


Welsh rugby team training in Auckland this afternoon

As the Welsh trained in Auckland this afternoon, work continues at Eden Park in preparation for the RWC2011.

Those involved in the Eden Park re-development  boast it’s a project that has environmental sustainability goals.

Work carries on seven days a week at Eden Park for the RWC2011

More than 70 per cent of demolition materials from the old stands have been recycled and reused.

The 2010 Rowing World Championships at Lake Karapiro will see the reuse of 10,000 former Eden Park seats.

Other sporting codes have also received a windfall from the redevelopment, which saw 600 seats go to Counties Manukau hockey, 2489 seats and old lights to Franklin District Council and 248 seats to West Auckland Soccer.

The organisers say that potable water use will be reduced by 50 per cent, thanks to a system that will harvest rainwater from the stadium’s expansive rooftops.

The translucent veil enclosing the south stand will reduce energy use, allowing daylight into the various levels of the building and reducing the need for artificial lighting.




  1. Carl says:

    what is the point of having a translucent roof and carrying on about less use of light, when id say roughly 90% of all use of the stadium is at night time? what a couple of hours for a odi test match and maybe one or two npc games?

    they are dreaming, they’ll still turn the lights on inside the stands anyways.

    the rainwater idea is old news. they make it sound like they are doing a good thing.

    also it should be noted that Counties are using all the seats at their stadium, I helped pull them out in 2008, was a quite a fun day all round. One of the few times you could actually work around the whole of Eden Park and actually walk on the ground without being told move on by anyone.

  2. Joshua says:

    Carl - Not only do people actually work at the stadium during the day, I know unbelievable, there are also function rooms within these stadiums which businesses use during working hours.

    Yes rain-water is ‘old news’ however there are no regulations telling you that you must recycle rain water and it’s no easy task to install on big projects like this. It adds massive costs to the building side of things, and makes the project much more expensive. Also you need to have a design to fit. How is this not a good thing?

    Also I can tell you that Counties are not using all the seating, at their stadium, and Jon has correctly identified they are being spreed around, however all the seating from both the Southern Stand and Terraces have been recycled.

    I wouldn’t like to play down the designers, and contractors efforts for sustainability, if it’s not encouraged, it won’t be considered.

  3. Bill says:

    There it goes again complaining all the time about a lot of good things happening not just for the benefit of Auckland but more importantly for the entire benefit and enjoyment of New Zealand as a whole. I absolutely believe in all these projects and those other things the first person was going on about. New Zealand first, and Auckland second, deserve these projects and it’s final product.

  4. ingolfson says:

    I hope they follow on through with their promise (sadly it wasn’t included in the resource consent!) of providing cycle parking.

    They rubbished the idea that spectators would come by bike - so what about bike parking for the event centre, and the hundreds of staff? I hope they get that fact if they want to be green.

  5. Joshua says:

    ingolfson - very true, that is the management side of things, from the contractors and designers side of the construction of the main building is green, now it’s time for the decision makers to get their acts together, people will go by bike if parking available.

  6. Carl says:

    Joshua, I’ve worked in a events for 12 years, i know what goes on during the day, we didn’t take all the seats, we took as many has what John said. Not complaining, pointing at the fact that there is nothing green about roof that covers seats that once again, is used mostly at night time…

    you guys are missing the point, any conference room that is going to used during the day, is going to be fully lit from lights, not from the transperent roof, have a think about it.

    its just someone writing a whole bunch of stuff to try and make out its green… its not.

    if they wanted to be green the should play more matches during natural daylight times and cut down the use of power for lights….

    Counties got pushed into getting lights for tv, they should said “no we aren’t going to play at night, we are going to be a green stadium and play during the day to lesson the burden on the amount of power that is consumed at peak rate during night time”

    it might sound stupid, but its actually a good idea..


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