Urgent Work Not “Holiday Highway”


ARC’s transport and urban development committee today stopped short of supporting what Chair Mike Lee once famously dubbed the “holiday highway.”
Instead it pressed for “cost effective improvements to safety and reliability” to ease bottlenecks on SH1 between Puhoi and Wellsford.

Mike Lee said the ARC was not opposed to urgent improvements.
“There are bottlenecks and safety concerns about certain stretches of the road which need urgency.
“I believe that work needs to be done now to save money and save lives rather than waiting for a grandiose holiday highway.”
The committee passed the resolution accordingly.




  1. Jon R says:

    This sounds like a common sense approach. Yes, fix up the danger spots, even build medium barriers on SH1. This can be done immediately at a tiny fraction of the $2 billion cost of a Holiday Highway.

  2. Matt says:

    Jon, quite right. That there are still no dividers through the blackest spots of Dome Valley and surrounds is absolutely scandalous. Lowering the speed limit, as has just been done, is a very cheap way out of doing the job properly. The road is not the Kapiti Coast Highway, carved from a cliff face and with no shoulder of which to speak, so dropping in concrete median barriers and repainting the road edges accordingly could be done in a matter of weeks.

    Of course, it’s not the two-lane highway to Omaha that Beloved Leader wants, so I doubt we’ll see much progress on a lesser solution.


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