Big Rigs Caught Speeding


Big rigs continue to be caught speeding.

As a precursor to a Queens Birthday crackdown on speed, a month long operation focusing on drivers’ speed on Waikato Highways has resulted in over 1000 drivers facing enforcement action.

Waikato Road Policing Manager, Inspector Leo Tooman, said a particularly alarming trend identified during the operation was the willingness of drivers behind the wheel of big rigs to exceed the speed limit.

“During the operation 205 drivers of heavy motor vehicles received infringement notices for driving vehicles over the 90km/h speed limit which is far too many.

“It’s not just Police who are concerned, we have the support of the Road transport Association, the Owner/ Driver Association and ACC. Truck drivers who received infringement notices will now have to face explaining themselves to their employers.”

Zero tolerance for speeding over the weekend

Mr Tooman said the reason the transport industry was concerned was that if drivers clocked up too many hours or demerit points from speeding they created a workplace hazard which can have repercussions on their employer’s ability to ensure a safe work environment.

“Our partners in the industry now see the Police as an industry watchdog as opposed to the parties being in an adversarial role.”

In all, 1035 drivers were issued infringement notices in May during Operation ‘Fast and the Furious’.

“This figure is too high and particularly concerning as it does not include offending detected by speed cameras and indicates drivers have become too blasé’ about the risks of excess speed.

“Excessive speed remains one of the top three contributing factors in the cause of all fatal and injury crashes in the Waikato. Speed survey data taken in 2009 shows over 36% of vehicles travelling through our District exceed the speed limit in 100km/h areas.”

As revealed earlier, from tomorrow, police nationwide are enforcing a zero tolerance policy towards anyone travelling more than 4km/h over posted speed limits.

During the weekend, get done speeding more than 4k over and you’ll be fined.




  1. Jon R says:

    And the Minister of Transport has allowed 53+ tonne trucks on the road. Look at the evidence Joyce - trucks are dangerous enough already.


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