Another Busy Weekend


Work on doubletracking the Western line between New Lynn and Avondale and the completion of work associated with the new Avondale train station means buses replace Western Line trains for the whole of this weekend.

That means bus replacements tomorrow Saturday between Waitakere and Britomart and Sunday between New Lynn and Britomart.

The bus timetable is here.

Buses to Britomart travel from Mt Eden to Newmarket and then to Grafton.  Buses from Britomart travel direct to Grafton, then to Newmarket and Mt Eden.

Work on double tracking at the Avondale station last weekend

Key dates ahead and progress on various projects:

  • Avondale’s new train station is officially opened on June 8
  • Trains use the new Avondale station from Monday June 14
  • A Sunday service to Henderson starts Sunday June 20
  • Part of the southern platform at New Lynn Rail and Bus interchange is operational with the northern side due to open on June 8
  • Stage 2 of the Kingsland platform extension works will be completed by June 30 and tested for the RWC 2011 when trains bring rugby fans for the All Blacks vs South Africa International at Eden Park on 10 July
  • Te Papapa and Penrose II platforms for the new Onehunga line will be finished over the next month. Onehunga line opens September 13.
  • The new stabling yard at Henderson is almost complete. Operational analysis has begun for the development of the stabling facilities at the Tamaki site around the Strand.

Bruce McLaren Rd Henderson stabling yard almost ready

  • On the ferry front: construction of the new outer berth at Birkenhead Ferry Terminal is continuing with the estimated project completion in July 2010.




  1. Carl says:

    Can I ask, how are these actually “coming to an end” there is no electricifaction lines or power boxes or signals or what not.

    I actually find this bloody stupid that someone is going to have come back along and put up all the cables, and rails and what not……. surely this should all be done at the same time? there is no way this is going to be done in 18 months…. and considering its not even coming to Pukekohe how can anyone say its all finished?

  2. ingolfson says:

    Carl, fact of life is that with the different planning and tendering regimes and workstreams, waiting to get everything included into one project usually ends up with nothing being done at all, or taking even longer. Often it is better to just do it, and leave some provision for the upgrade that occurs later.

    Would you have wanted the double tracking, for example, to wait until Joyce finally got his hands out of his pockets and okayed electrification? We’d be even further behind the curve then.

    Yes, sometimes splitting things up like this ends up with extra costs, or with “temporary” works staying around for a decade. But that is the case everywhere - whether building a PT system or building a house. As I see it, just fact of life. As long as Work A does not PRECLUDE Work B later on…

  3. rtc says:

    Indeed, the current project DART upgrades were approved and funded long before electrification was even put on the table. I don’t think the money for the electrification have even started flowing whereas DART is almost all spent, so it would have been difficult to coordinate these two projects as much as it would have been great.

  4. rtc says:

    Jon - do you know what they’re planning for the Strand stabling facilities?

  5. Jon C says:

    @rtc I’m told it’s still at the ‘investigation” stage but we should know soon


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