Greens Push For North Rail Link


The threat to close Northland’s rail line, in the wake of the KiwiRail plan, has re-ignited the debate about the Puhoi highway.

Energetic Greens transport spokesman and self confessed former boy racer Gareth Hughes drove north on Monday and still can’t see the justification for the Puhoi highway.

What he does believe in regionally for the north is a new rail line out to the port.

On his blog today, the MP says the government should prioritize funding to help the Northland Regional Council complete a rail link from Oakleigh, on the Auckland-Northland rail line, out to Northport at Marsden Point.

Read more of his blog post here




  1. Rationale says:

    The North Auckland Line is woefully slow and prehistoric by any standard. What’s really required is a plan to one day replace it by securing a new alignment; perhaps by mainly tracking SH1 via a new harbour crossing. This alignment should be being worked now. I believe the harbour crossing rail alignment is being secured now. Perhaps the team working on this could work north from here?


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