Rail Unions Declare ‘Victory”


Rail workers think they’ve had a victory of sorts over their campaign for Auckland’s electric trains to be built in NZ.

KiwiRail’s tender document, released yesterday, encourages firms to ally themselves with New Zealand subcontractors or suppliers and “include as much New Zealand content and resources in the design, construction, delivery, testing, maintenance and support of the EMUs as is appropriate.”

Rail and Maritime Transport Union General Secretary Wayne Butson , who drove the campaign for NZ built trains, said it’s  a victory and in contrast to Wellington’s Matangi trains which had no New Zealand content at al.

“Dedicated follow through is needed however, to make sure these statements are not just words.  We would expect KiwiRail to implement this recommendation rigorously when it reviews tenders.” “

He said the campaign’s  first preference has always been that these trains are built locally.

“Our members are keen to do this work, the economic case backs them up, and we will continue to advocate for the full build to be done locally. But strong local content provisions in the tender documents are the next logical step if this isn’t the case.”




  1. Bryan says:

    Hillside has the facilities….I say use it to the best advantage.Saves sending funds overseas.

  2. ingolfson says:

    The issue here is how do you weigh a tender with NZ components against one without? Just price again, figuring the Hillside share into the price equation as a “saving”, maybe? Or differently? And how keen will overseas producers be?

  3. rtc says:

    Trains in Australia were apparently built locally using plans from Bombardier - not sure of the specifics but it would seem many manufacturers are happy in certain situations to enter some sort of local deal.


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