Rail Performance Up


Rail performance on Auckland’s lines, lifted in March, continues to rise but has some way to go.

The Easter rail improvements, which included the new Grafton station, double tracking there, and timetable adjustsments have helped the Western Line performance for April to be Punctuality: 72.7%.

But let’s not forget, in February it was a woeful 46.8%.

Service delivery for the Western Line was  97.7% and average for the past 12 months for performance was 75%.

Easter's double tracking & Grafton station completion have helped stats

The other lines:

Southern: Punctuality: 86.3%, Service Delivery: 99.0%

Eastern: Punctuality: 83.5%, Service delivery: 97.7%

Problems during April:

  • Train breakdowns and faults resulted in 71 services being cancelled
  • Track and signaling problems resulted in 6 services being cancelled
  • Other issues resulted in 13 service cancellations during the month

Significant problems:

  • A KiwiRail signal failure at Newmarket on April 6 affecting 25 services causing 210 delay minutes
  • A signal operational issue at Britomart on April 27 causing 464 delay minutes affecting 55 services




  1. John Dalley says:

    Until New Lynn is finished, there is no show off getting near to 100%.

  2. ingolfson says:

    Actually, the recent issues as set out above seem to be in the majority about the trains. Not much help there until we get new ones, I guess.

  3. Kegan says:

    For those interested, rail on time (within 3min) performance down in the capital last month:

    Hutt Valley: 83% (+3)
    Johnsonville: 92% (+6)
    Paraparaumu: 77% (unchanged)
    Wairarapa: 74% (+4)
    Overall: 83% (+3)

    Source: http://www.tranzmetro.co.nz


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